Zhangyuan set to dazzle for Year of the Dragon

Tan Weiyun
A Shanghai-style New Year experience awaits at popular venue with vibrant traditional performances while fashion and jewelry boutiques also put on a show for the festive crowds.
Tan Weiyun
Zhangyuan set to dazzle for Year of the Dragon

Zhangyuan a vibrant epicenter of tradition and modernity.


As the Chinese New Year ushers in the Year of the Dragon, Zhangyuan, or Zhang's Garden, in the heart of Shanghai, transforms into a vibrant epicenter of tradition and modernity, offering locals and visitors from around the globe an unparalleled Shanghai-style Chinese New Year experience.

With its entrance graced by the "Flourishing Spirit Dragon," an exquisite installation that marries traditional Chinese festival culture with natural floristry, Zhangyuan promises a feast for the senses, steeped in the romanticism and quality that define Shanghai's unique approach to Oriental aesthetics.

From February 10 to 17, the garden is set to dazzle with its Spring Festival theme with a Dragon Dance show. This special event will feature traditional folk performances and cutting-edge light and shadow artistry, creating a resonant cultural experience that awakens the spirit of the dragon in everyone.

The highlight of the celebrations is a majestic 30-meter-long dragon that will sprawl across North Maoming Road, showcasing an impressive dragon dance that symbolizes prosperity and good fortune for the coming year.

The festivities also pay homage to the centuries-old tradition of dragon and lion dances, with the renowned Bi Lin Tang Troupe, a troupe with 200 years of history and acclaim from national television, bringing their extraordinary skills to the streets of Zhangyuan. Their performances promise to envelop the city in the joyous atmosphere of Chinese New Year.

In a nod to the cherished memories of New Year's fireworks, Zhangyuan will light up the night sky with a breathtaking digital fireworks and light show, recapturing the essence of the festive season and illuminating the garden with a kaleidoscope of colors.

The event takes inspiration from the hit TV series "Blossoms Shanghai," which has reignited interest in Shanghai's rich cultural heritage and historic architecture. Zhangyuan, a key location for the series, uses projection technology to bring the story's vivid scenes of prosperity and cultural depth to life within its alleys, creating an immersive experience that blends history with the vibrancy of contemporary life.

Zhangyuan set to dazzle for Year of the Dragon

Dior's whimsical window display


Dior has transformed the windows of its boutique at Plaza 66 Shanghai into a whimsical world, showcasing a bucolic landscape filled with extraordinary flora and fauna. This enchanting display, illuminating the recently reopened store, whose facade was designed by Kengo Kuma & Associates, pays homage to Dior's storied heritage.

Reminiscent of the captivating displays at 30 Montaigne, the fairy-tale decor at Plaza 66 was meticulously crafted using upcycled materials and remnants from the Ateliers, showcasing their remarkable craftsmanship. This project exemplifies the harmonious collaboration of various crafts, pushing the limits of excellence through handmade, highly detailed, and imaginative creations.

The display features Dior's latest collections for men and women, along with exquisite jewelry pieces. It celebrates nature's beauty, a theme deeply cherished by Monsieur Dior. In this evergreen summer setting, visitors can marvel at a vibrant bird of paradise, fluttering butterflies, honeybees, owls, and other mesmerizing creatures, all fashioned from recycled objects and unused Dior Oblique fabric.

Creative reimaginings abound, such as the signature buckle of the D of Dior – which usually adorns the Saddle bag – reformed into the beak of a mythical bird, and one of the Lady Dior’s charms becomes transformed into a striking feature of another fantastical animal. This display is not just a visual treat but also an interactive treasure hunt, inviting visitors to identify iconic elements of Dior's legacy.

This installation, running through March 10, symbolizes the enduring bond between Dior and China, offering a poetic journey and a dreamlike exploration of the fashion house's essence.

Zhangyuan set to dazzle for Year of the Dragon

Rings from Yi Collection

YI Collection

The high-end jewelry brand YI Collection recently held a jewelry aesthetics salon in Shanghai, and the brand founder Guo Yi joined the illustrious gathering with industry insiders and fashion bloggers, delving into the world of dazzling fine jewelry.

Guo, the visionary behind the brand, shared the creative stories and meticulous craftsmanship behind each piece. The brand features natural gemstones selected from Sri Lanka and Myanmar, personally chosen by Guo herself. Master goldsmiths, employing their exquisite skills, sculpt and polish each gemstone to perfection, integrating them seamlessly with Guo’s innovative designs. The use of 18/14K gold adds a warm luster to the jewelry, offering comfort and a second-skin fit to the wearer.

The salon featured a curated selection of YI Collection's beloved pieces, including the Orbit Series and classic chain rings crafted from various gemstones.

The Orbit Series appears simplistic but boasts intricate craftsmanship, with each piece being unique. Crafted by master goldsmiths using 18K gold, the series allows each gemstone to move freely along its track. Wearers can adjust the gemstones' positions according to their mood, wear the Orbit Series items solo, or layer them with other YI Collection rings for a personalized look.

The chain ring series, a classic offering since the brand's inception, features a variety of styles made with 14/18K gold and an array of textured gemstones, balancing delicacy with strength. These rings are suitable for everyday wear, either alone or stacked.

The journey of YI Collection's richly varied chain ring series dates back to its inception. During a visit to Sri Lanka and Myanmar, the world's ruby capital, Yi was inspired by the vibrant colors and patterns. Collaborating with local goldsmiths, she crafted a collection of chain rings adorned with gold links and colorful gemstones. These delicate pieces, perfect for everyday wear, accompanied her throughout her travels.

The chain rings immediately captivated her friends upon seeing her travel-inspired creations, leading to impromptu purchases right off her fingers. Among these early admirers were buyers from 10 Corso Como, who later became the first distributors of the series. The collection soon found a showcase at the renowned 10 Corso Como boutique in Shanghai.

Today, YI Collection's classic chain rings grace some of the world's most prestigious retail stores, including Moda Operandi, Net-a-Porter, and Aman Resorts. These elegant yet powerful pieces are adorned by some of the world's most beautiful women, including supermodels Liu Wen, He Sui, and Sun Feifei.

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