Add "Pocket Park" at ROCKBUND on the list of city walks

Wang Jie
Renovation and construction has continued for more than a decade at ROCKBUND
Wang Jie

Add "Pocket Park" at ROCKBUND on the list of city walks

An overlook over the ROCKBUND

City walkers, take heed! "Pocket Park" at ROCKBUND is a trendy destination that should be on your list.

Sited at the end of the bustling Bund, next to the famous Garden Bridge of where the Huangpu River and Suzhou Creek converge, the park occupies some 18,000 square meters.

It mixes history with modern among a cluster of historical and new buildings where one can wander along Suzhou Creek, enjoy a cup of coffee at "author's room <by> naive," read at the RB library, shop in stores or visit museums and galleries.

The name "Pocket Park" might not ring a bell for many, but the Rockbund Art Museum (RAM) inside is known to local art lovers.

Opened in 2010, RAM was renovated and re-designed by the world-renowned architect David Chipperfield.

The renovation and construction of ROCKBUND has continued for more than a decade with a collection of 11 legendary architectural works of the 1920s and 1930s including the YWCA Building constructed in 1932, Lyceum Building in 1927 and National Industrial Bank Building in 1929.
But don't mistake this "Pocket Park" as a mere historical site.

Add "Pocket Park" at ROCKBUND on the list of city walks

One of the pieces in an installation exhibition at the museum plaza.

DCA used their creativity and inspiration in designing the public space to link the old and new buildings. Three major open plazas, Museum Plaza, Associate Plaza, and Aharon Plaza, plus several inner streets re-define the function of public space.

Here, it is not only a place to rest, but also offers visitors culture and socialization. Events are frequently held at weekends, from concerts and art exhibitions to festival bazaars.

For example, "Tireless Girl" created by Ri Young Chow featuring a cluster of daunting installations with striking colors is at the Museum Plaza. These cute figures in different poses attract a lot of people taking selfies.

Running from May 17 to 19, "The 7th Good Art Fair "invites more than 140 artists to display their creative products in art booths, outdoor mobile booths, special exhibition areas plus some on-site activities.

Add "Pocket Park" at ROCKBUND on the list of city walks

Visitor enojoyed at "Good Art Fair" at ROCKBUND

Coming next is "The 6th PodFest China 2024" on May 25 and 26.

Under the theme of "Audio and ReWild," the event will bring together outstanding creators, enthusiasts, observers and scholars in the world of podcasts and the field of culture. Big names include Lu Yu and Xu Zhiyuan .

For those who want to experience the artistic aura inside "Pocket Park," "author's room <by> naive," "RB Library," and RAM are their alternatives.

For example, the author's room <by> naive, actually a bar/cafeteria, is designed through the fantasy of a writer's life. Once stepping into this writer's apartment with bathtub and desk, visitors are immediately wrapped up in a special intellectual atmosphere. You can order a cocktail named after different book titles.

You can find details about "Pocket Park" and participate in a series of ongoing events through WeChat mini program: ROCKBUND洛克外滩源.

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