District lending a helping hand to those in need

Yuan Luhang
Minhang District is helping disadvantaged people in the district with supply of basic necessities.
Yuan Luhang

Many disadvantaged people living in Shanghai are in need of basic necessities. A student named Wang is one of them.

He lives in a shabby room in Minhang District's Pujiang Town.

His roof leaks, water penetrates the floor and cold air comes through the walls in winter.

However, Wang has been given a helping hand.

The Youth League Committee of Minhang is joining hands with the China Construction Science and Industry Corporation to help needy students renovate their rooms.

To complete the renovation, officials visited Wang's family more than 10 times to learn about Wang's living habits and hobbies, and communicate with them about design details.

Finally, a tailor-made room was finished in just 17 hours to minimize the inconvenience to Wang. The new room not only has perfect roofs, floors and walls, but also is equipped with basic furniture such as a desk, bed, wardrobe and bookshelf.

To the surprise of Wang's mother, the room also has an air conditioner.

"I didn't expect much from the renovation, but I am very touched by their meticulous care," Wang's mother said.

The warmth is also felt by take-out couriers.

Xiao Ma is a take-out courier in Minhang. For him, the biggest problem with working is lunch. Due to being on the road all the time, he has to make do with anything that can allay his hunger.

Now, however, he has a new option – special service stations for take-out couriers, which provide as many as 13 kinds of services, including catering, healthcare and battery charging.

Right now there are 150 service stations in Minhang. The project is coordinated by service centers under by the Party's Minhang Committee.

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