Yangpu breaks ground on batch of major projects worth over 40b yuan

Li Xinran
Also, agreements have been reached for another 20 major industrial projects worth more than 8 billion yuan.
Li Xinran
Yangpu breaks ground on batch of major projects worth over 40b yuan

Yangshupu Power Plant upgrade project

More than a dozen major projects broke ground in Yangpu at the beginning of the new year, providing strong support for the district's sustainable economic and social development.

A breaking ground ceremony at Yangpu Binjiang (riverside) marked the start of 19 major projects covering municipal infrastructure, social undertakings and district school cooperation, plus riverside industries and other sectors.

All up, they involved a total investment of over 40 billion yuan (US$6.29 billion).

Also at the ceremony, agreements were reached for the launch of 20 industrial projects in Yangpu. With a total investment of more than 8 billion yuan, they involve nine major industrial categories including fintech, smart manufacturing, medical and health care, new energy and online new economy.

The major projects will boost Yangpu's development and improve people's livelihoods, according to the district authority.

Yangpu has always adhered to the implementation of major projects as an effective way to stabilize growth, fill in the gaps and benefit people's lives.

Hence, major projects will continue to play a key role and provide an important guarantee of that, focusing on high-quality development and upgrading environmental quality and functional levels.

Headquarters complex projects, such as those for ByteDance, Bilibili and Hopson neighborhood, will be built one after another to support construction of the Changyang hub of the online new economy industrial park.

They will be focused on three major fields – the economy, life and social governance – and create a demonstration site for urban digital transformation.

Meanwhile, the Yangshupu Power Plant development project will combine the reuse of industrial heritage with development and renewal of the city, present the unique spatial characteristics and industrial culture of Yangpu Binjiang, and form a riverside "life show belt."

Focusing on the construction of resilient cities and improving the ability of emergency disaster prevention, Yangpu will strengthen the renovation of old municipal pipe networks.

Reconstruction projects for the outdated water supply pipelines and high-risk gas pipelines will effectively improve local residents' drinking-water quality and gas safety.

The drainage pipeline upgrade and reconstruction project, reservoir project and Dongzoumatang flood wall maintenance project will help to build a "sponge city."

Focusing on public service facilities and increasing public satisfaction, Yangpu will strengthen the traffic connections between both sides of the Huangpu River through the Longchang Road Tunnel.

It will also build a promenade under the Inner Ring Bridge, upgrade the view of Jiehongbang and build a green space at Zhengli Road to create high-quality public space.

The relocation of Daqiao Community Health Service Center and construction of neighborhood nursing homes and other social undertakings will continue to adhere to the concept of "serve and benefit the people" in building a warm city.

Yangpu District will continue to focus on high-quality development, resilient urban construction and public service facilities this year, launch 100 major projects involving functional platforms, public service facilities and infrastructure to provide an important guarantee for urban development and the improvement of people's livelihoods.

Government agencies at all levels in Yangpu will also support the implementation of major projects with a more energetic spirit and more solid and effective measures.

They will continuously improve the accuracy of services, expand their coverage, and work hard to be a "model butler," so that all sorts of innovative enterprises will have a bigger stage for development.

They will become innovative and entrepreneurial pioneers leading the vanguard of development and adding strong momentum to Yangpu's sustained and stable economic growth and high-quality development.

All sorts of projects will be deployed, started and implemented to ensure a smooth beginning and a stable and long-term economic development.

Yangpu will strive to write a new chapter in the progress of the "people's city by the people and for the people," promote the digital transformation of urban areas and improve functional levels and core competitiveness.

It will strive to accelerate construction of the so-called "four-high urban areas" featuring high standards for city dwellers as well as high functional scientific and technological innovation, high-level social governance and high-quality ecological integration.

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