Qingpu New City a cornerstone of regional economic development

Hu Min
A recent online promotional event attended by more than 100 people from across China underscored the development boom in Qingpu New City and the benefits of doing business there.
Hu Min

The allure of beautiful Qingpu New City and its enticing homes adorned with charming Jiangnan (the area south of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River) flavor along with a strong sense of innovation and competitiveness was unveiled during a recent online promotional event, which was attended by more than 100 businesspeople from across China.

Attendees discussed regional development prospects, guided by Qingpu District planning and natural resources bureau. The event was hosted by the Shanghai Qingpu Newcity Development (Group) Co and Leju Holdings Limited.

Yangtze River Delta regional integration is proceeding smoothly, while construction of the Yangtze River Delta Ecology and Greenery Integration Demonstration Zone has been fast tracked.

Shanghai is building a modern international metropolis with global influence and establishing a key strategic link for dual circulation of domestic and foreign markets.

Qingpu faces an unprecedented opportunity to enhance its national and global status through the China International Import Expo, integrated development of Yangtze River area, Hongqiao International Hub and Qingpu New City.

Qingpu New City a cornerstone of regional economic development

A night view of Qingpu New City

Qingpu New City features state-of-the-art support facilities including top-notch schools and medical centers, such as the High School Affiliated to Fudan University, Qingpu Campus, Qingpu campus of Shanghai Lansheng Fudan Middle School, Shanghai Pinghe Bilingual School Qingpu, Yangtze River Delta (Shanghai) Smart Internet Hospital, Qingpu Branch of Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital of Fudan University and the future Qingpu branch of Zhongshan Hospital.

Five commercial complexes have opened along Metro Line 17, including Qingpu Greenland Being Fun shopping mall and Qingpu Wanda Mall.

Six key projects recently began taking shape, including the Shanghai-Suzhou-Jiashan Intercity Line, an upgrade of Waiqingsong Highway and Shangda River Central Park.

Based on the development blueprint through 2025, Qingpu New City will be developed into a yearning open and innovative area with enchanting Jiangnan flavor.

Development in the Qingpu New City will primarily take place in its central business district, urban renewal practice area, industrial innovation park and New City demonstration area.

The online promotional event consisted of five fairs under the theme of "beautiful, Jiangnan flavor, innovation core and warm home" that showcased areas ripe for industrial, commercial and residential development.

The CBD and its support facilities were an important topic of conversation, including a transit development project, Fudan University innovation institute, Shangda River Central Park and a residential service center.

Many businesspeople attending the event inquired about construction and development requirements in surrounding areas, in search of partners and development opportunities.

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