Film produced by Songjiang media group reigns at box office

Tan Weiyun
The movie "Home Coming" is based on the Chinese embassy's evacuation of more than 30,000 Chinese nationals during the turmoil in Libya in 2011.
Tan Weiyun

The movie "Home Coming," produced by the Songjiang-based media group Huace Film and TV, topped the Chinese box office during the National Day holiday in early October, reaping more than 1 billion yuan (US$138 million) and attracting an audience of about 27 million people.

The movie is based on the Chinese embassy's evacuation of more than 30,000 Chinese nationals during the turmoil in Libya in 2011.

Under the helm of director Rao Xiaozhi, the movie starring veteran actor Zhang Yi and idol Wang Junkai follows two unarmed Chinese diplomats delving into a rebel force-controlled area in the war-wrecked African country to lead 125 Chinese citizens safely back to the homeland.

The primary producer Huace, a benchmark project in Shanghai Hi-tech and Film Park in suburban Songjiang District, also issued its financial statements. According to the company's first half year report, its revenue reached 1.187 billion yuan, of which net profit was 240 million yuan, an increase of 2.64 percent over the same period last year.

Earlier this month, Huace announced its "One, Two, Seven" strategy to gain both social and economic benefits. It refers to 10 percent art and experimental movies aimed at fostering young, pioneering directors, 20 percent commercial films, and 70 percent movies with an underlying value of eulogizing patriotism (nationalist movies).

In addition to "Home Coming," another of Huace's production "Big-head Son and Small-head Dad 5: My Alien Friend" ranked fourth in the country's box office during the National Day holiday.

Currently, Huace and China Nanshan Development (Group) Incorporation are working together to build the Yangtze River Delta Region Film and TV Park in Songjiang.

The project covers a total area of 105,100 square meters, and the first phase of 51,333 square meters is under construction now.

When completed by the end of next year, the park will be a giant combination of China's film and TV production headquarters, high-tech film studios, commercial malls, events and exhibitions. In the future, companies in the industry chain, including film and television creation, production, and post production, as well as other service support, will settle in.

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