Jiading District businesses help power growth at CIIE

Li Xinran
The district of Jiading enthusiastically promotes itself as a great place to do business at the CIIE. Companies based there are appreciative of the positive environment.
Li Xinran

Lu Fangzhou, Party secretary of Jiading District, made a special trip to the 5th China International Import Expo on November 6. He visited the booths of Jiading-based enterprises and investment promotion agencies at the CIIE, learned more about the exhibition, negotiation and transaction of enterprises at the CIIE, and listened carefully to the needs of businesses.

Lu first went to the Amorepacific booth to listen to the introduction of new products and ask about the service needs of enterprises.

"The government is committed to providing businesses with the best environment, the largest development platform and the best service guarantee," said Lu.

"At present, Jiading is promoting transformation through reform and innovation so as to pursue high-quality economic development.

"Amorepacific has been rooted in Jiading for 20 years, and its business in China has grown continuously, which fully reflects its firm confidence in the Chinese market."

Jiading District businesses help power growth at CIIE
Li Huacheng

A visitor listens to the introduction of new products at Amorepacific's CIIE booth.

Lu hoped that Amorepacific would give play to its brand and technical advantages, introduce more new products, technologies and businesses, seize new opportunities for opening-up and cooperation with Jiading, and make greater developmental achievements through CIIE.

Mike Hwang, president of Amorepacific China, said: "Amorepacific has been walking side by side with the Chinese market for 30 years.

"We have witnessed the openness, vitality, resilience and potential of this market. In the future, we will continue to listen to the needs of Chinese consumers and feed back to the Chinese market in terms of product innovation, digital transformation and sustainable development."

This year is the fifth consecutive time that Amorepacific has appeared at the CIIE. The company brought seven brands and more than 500 exhibits to its more than 500 square meters' booth, showcasing nearly 20 new products, including the personalized bath device "Mind-linked Bathbot" and the instant toner blending device "Formularity."

Lu then visited the exhibition stands of Volkswagen, Volvo, Toyota and other enterprises. At the Volkswagen booth, Lu looked at various models launched by SAIC Volkswagen and Porsche, a Volkswagen brand.

Jiading District businesses help power growth at CIIE
Li Huacheng

With headsets on, visitors to the VR zone at the Volkswagen booth have a unique experience of driving.

Jiading District businesses help power growth at CIIE
Li Huacheng

Porsche China launched the Mission R pure electric concept car at this year's CIIE.

As Volkswagen Group's first newly built factory in the world dedicated to the production of MEB platform models, the SAIC Volkswagen Anting MEB Factory plays a key role in Volkswagen Group's new-energy vehicle strategy. Many models of SAIC Volkswagen ID series are produced in this factory.

Porsche China participated in the CIIE for the fifth consecutive year. At this year's expo, the brand new Mission R pure electric concept car was displayed and launched. In addition, the first pure electric crossover multi-purpose vehicle, the Taycan Cross Turismo, was also released.

At Toyota's booth, Lu listened carefully to the introduction of new technologies and the company's future developmental plans. Toyota, which has in recent years paid more and more attention to the Chinese market, brought a number of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and products deploying related technologies to this year's expo.

"The application of hydrogen fuel technology is still at the initial stage and I do hope this technology will be demonstrated and applied in more areas in Jiading in the future."

Jiading District businesses help power growth at CIIE
Li Huacheng

A visitor checks a mobility vehicle for the disabled at Toyota's CIIE booth.

4 task forces fuel promotion of investment

At the 5th CIIE, the Investment Promotion Center of Jiading District once again organized more than 500 investment promotion personnel from all communities and towns, district owned enterprises and 33 industrial parks, and divided them into four task forces to carry out the job.

In the first five days of the event, they contacted more than 600 enterprises and exhibitors and sent invitations to about 100 among them.

On November 6, at the booth of Rockwell Automation Co Ltd in Hall 4.1 of the CIIE's technical equipment exhibition area, Zhang Jun from Jiading District Economic Development Service Co Ltd was communicating with company representatives.

This was the second time for Zhang to participate in the investment promotion of the CIIE. Compared with last time, he made more preparations and came up with a shortlist of more than 60 target enterprises.

"It is mainly to learn about their exhibition arrangement, products and future development plans. Exhibitors can introduce their upstream and downstream enterprises to us, which is also an important channel to expand customers," Zhang said.

Jiading District businesses help power growth at CIIE
Li Pin

Zhang Jun (center) from Jiading District Economic Development Service Co Ltd talks with exhibitors at the 5th China International Import Expo.

Zhang Min, director of the district investment promotion center, said during the CIIE that various activities were also held to promote investment in Jiading, which boasts distinctive industrial clusters, a friendly business environment and attractive investment policies.

"Enterprises are welcome to Jiading for further inspection and negotiation to achieve win-win cooperation and grow with the district," he said.

Not long ago, the Shanghai headquarters of Jidu Automobile was officially opened in the Jiading Industrial Zone, one of the latest examples showcasing the "Jiading speed" in investment attraction.

On February 7, 2021, the district made its first contact with Jidu. On March 2, 2021, the registration of the new company was completed and the site selection and decoration then began. On August 6, 2022, the Shanghai headquarters of Jidu Automobile was completed.

Zhu Ruozhu, the public affairs director of Jidu Automobile, said that the rapid and healthy development of Jidu benefited from the district's excellent business environment.

In recent years, the district has strengthened the regional planning of investment promotion, and established the district investment promotion office and investment promotion center, which led to the setup of 55,000 new enterprises in 2021 alone.

Loop Energy unveils latest wares in debut

Loop Energy Technology (Shanghai) Co Ltd from the Jiading Industrial Zone made its debut at the 5th CIIE with its latest products.

A publicly listed company headquartered in Canada, Loop Energy has more than 20 years of experience in hydrogen fuel cell development and more than 42 hydrogen fuel cell related patents worldwide.

The S1200-120kw hydrogen fuel cell system brought to the expo this year has greatly improved power generation efficiency and utilization rate, with lower fuel consumption, stronger power and longer service life than the previous generation of products.

With the development of China's hydrogen energy market, Loop Energy established a wholly-owned subsidiary in Jiading in 2021. Its unique eFlow technology can provide high power output and high performance for fuel cells, reduce hydrogen consumption and cut operating costs.

Jiading District businesses help power growth at CIIE
Tang Linfei

Loop Energy debuts at the 5th CIIE with its S1200 hydrogen fuel cell system.

At present, the first generation fuel cell products from Loop Energy have been put into operation in the public transport system of some cities in China with a total mileage of more than 500,000km.

Hu Quan, president of Loop Energy China, said that as a newcomer in the country, the CIIE serves as an important platform for the company to expand its business nationwide.

At present, the Phase I factory of Loop Energy's production base in Jiading has been completed. It is expected to begin mass production at the beginning of next year to provide production support for overseas orders.

In addition, Loop Energy is building advanced fuel cell systems and automated stack production lines with a total investment of more than 50 million yuan (US$7 million).

After completion, Loop Energy will be able to produce 3,000 fuel cell stacks and 1,000 fuel cell integrated systems every year.

Logistics firm completes its tasks

"After finishing the last one, this year's task has been completed!" Lu Wenbing, a driver at Rokin Logistics, said happily.

As an officially designated catering supply guarantee service provider, Rokin Logistics, a Jiading enterprise, has served the CIIE for four consecutive years.

This year, Rokin Logistics provided services for 14 catering companies and transported 43 truckloads.

According to the specific needs of customers, Rokin Logistics optimized the supply chain guarantee scheme, selected 20 cold chain vehicles and picked experienced employees with excellent driving skills to form a task force.

The company also leveraged advanced technology, adopted GPS to monitor the entire transportation process, including the vehicle location information and transportation situation of drivers in real time, and stipulated that vehicles take designated routes except for special circumstances.

According to the transportation requirements of cold chain products, Rokin Logistics strictly controls the refrigeration temperatures in the compartments.

Jiading District businesses help power growth at CIIE
Huang Liu

Rokin Logistics is one of the designated CIIE logistics service providers.

At the same time, the emergency plan was comprehensively improved, and professional maintenance personnel were available at all times to ensure that alternative vehicles and personnel were in place.

Song Haiyang, head of the Food Cold Chain Business Department of Rokin Logistics, said that all-round pandemic prevention was particularly important as the company offered services for the expo.

"From the preparation stage to the end of the CIIE, Rokin Logistics always strictly implemented control measures, and all personnel involved in the CIIE security team were under closed-loop management.

"In view of the impact of the complex pandemic situation, we carried out emergent epidemiological investigation in a timely manner, and did a good job of preventive disinfection of the warehouses, goods and vehicles. We also made sure that our personnel got COVID tests every day during the CIIE," Song said.

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