Tsingtao Brewery goes green, alongside new craft beers

Yang Yang
The Tsingtao Brewery in Minhang was recently listed as a 2022 Shanghai Green Manufacturing Model Firm, while stepping up production and introducing new craft beers to the brand.
Yang Yang

Tsingtao Brewery Shanghai Minhang Co was recently listed as a "2022 Shanghai Green Manufacturing Model Firm," the only of its kind in Minhang District.

The brewery was transformed from a former baijiu (Chinese liquor) distillery, dating back to the 1950s.

A bus stop – Zhaolou Baijiu Distillery Station – has been maintained along Shendu Highway in Pujiang Town for more than six decades, reminding the visitors of the days past.

The factory has seen its annual production grow since its restructuring in 2016. In its peak time, it had an annual beer production of around 300,000 tons.

"Starting from 2020, we've invested more than 10 million yuan (US$1.48 million) annually improving our facilities and technology, while carrying out energy saving and emission reduction," said Yang Delong, chairman of the trade union of Tsingtao Brewery Shanghai.

"Currently we save about 1-2 kilowatt-hours of electricity while manufacturing 1 ton of beer. All the lamps inside the factory have also been changed to solar-powered ones," Yang added.

During the 2022 World Cup from November 20 to December 18, soccer fans have enjoyed a beer or two in celebrating the wins, and among them may have been a Weizenbier, a craft beer produced by the Minhang factory.

"Our main products are the 330-milliliter and 500ml Weizenbiers. We're also introducing our new 1-liter craft beers," said Yang.

In 2020 the brewery set up two beer restaurants – Tsingtao 1903 on Shangcheng Road in the Pudong New Area and Yuyuan Road in Jing'an District.

"It is a daring solution as the brewery is trying to propel its beer sales," said Yang. "Though imported beer has a great impact on the domestic market, more young people are starting to appreciate domestic ones."

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