Arte Mundi's newest facility highlights aesthetic concept

Hu Min
The second phase of a facility at Qingpu District's Arte Mundi Group Co Ltd, a floor board manufacturer, was recently completed.
Hu Min
Arte Mundi's newest facility highlights aesthetic concept
Zhang Qiang

The aesthetic lifestyle pavilion in the newly completed second phase of the Arte Mundi plant in Qingpu

The construction of the second phase of a plant at the Arte Mundi Group Co Ltd, a floor board producer in Qingpu District, has been completed.

The plant, which strives for new breakthroughs in the company’s industrial output and techniques, features a 3,000-square-meter aesthetic lifestyle pavilion.

In recent years, Qingpu has accelerated the industrial upgrading of traditional industries and the cultivation of future-oriented industries, as well as the construction of the Yangtze River Delta digital line.

The second phase of the plant covers 3 hectares of land and reflects Arte Mundi’s aesthetic concept. It has a vibrant sculpture design that corresponds to the design of the first phase’s office buildings.

The window design has a rhythmic feel, and fully automatic intelligent production lines will be used in the second phase, which is expected to increase the output of solid wood composite floors by 3 million square meters per year.

The pavilion’s spaces are irregularly shaped, and even the suspended beams and windows are of different shapes, providing visitors with unique visual experiences.

Walking through the pavilion’s various art scenes will transport visitors on an aesthetic journey. Tens of thousands of floors are displayed like artistic paintings, creating an “art museum” of floors.

The Qingpu-based company, which was founded in 1997, has received numerous awards. It has established a complete industry chain and supply system, encompassing design, manufacturing and sales, and has become a pioneer in China’s high-end wood floor industry.

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