Jing'an residents treated to a plethora of artistic events

Li Qian
Residents of Jing'an were treated to a plethora of artistic events, including a citizens' art festival and an exhibition of works by Van Gogh.
Li Qian
Jing'an residents treated to a plethora of artistic events

Cultural experiences at doorstep

The Jing’an Cultural Center hosted several cultural events on April 8 for the 2023 Shanghai Citizens Art Festival.

People could try on hanfu (traditional Han-style clothes) and learn about traditional Chinese culture through activities such as Chinese tea art and the ancient game of touhu (arrow-throwing). They could also take classes to learn how to make pour-over coffee, draw on vinyl records and design pankou (frog fastener), as well as attend live music and opera performances.

The center, open from 9am to 9pm everyday, offers a variety of cultural classes and activities for free or at significantly reduced prices, such as oil painting, baking, yoga and DIY handicrafts.

Jing'an residents treated to a plethora of artistic events

Meet Van Gogh

The masterpieces of Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh have “come to life” in Jing’an District with the immersive light and shadow exhibition “Meeting van Gogh.”

The exhibition, which runs through July 9 at the Meet You Museum Shanghai, includes a 600-square-meter art space based on 149 classic van Gogh works.

It uses digital multimedia to transport viewers into his paintings such as “Sunflowers,” “The Doctor,” “Starry Night” and “Iris.”

Since 2020, the exhibition has traveled to nearly 30 cities in France, the United States, and Canada. Shanghai is its first stop in China.

Jing'an residents treated to a plethora of artistic events

World Reading Day

A special event to promote digital reading has been held in the Jiangning Road Subdistrict to mark World Reading Day.

Various online platforms have been launched by authorities in Jing'an to promote reading.

The WeChat mini program "E Du Jing'an" offers more than 30,000 audio books. "Jing'an Xuexi Wang" is a comprehensive platform that is incorporated with website, WeChat account and app, providing 29,665 digital books covering 22 sectors including literature, economy and politics.

Also, 15 online libraries have been set up in Jing'an's hospitals, nursing homes, communities and commercial complexes, with about 3,000 best-sellers on offer. Every month, 150 new books will be added.

Jing'an residents treated to a plethora of artistic events
Fu Guikang

Underground parking lot

Workers will begin digging a unique high-rise underground parking lot in the Daning area as early as late May.

The plan calls for 836 square meters of underground space with 19 floors of parking spots to accommodate 304 cars. An equal area of parking above ground can only accommodate 30 cars. It will also have an intelligent parking lot that can park vehicles automatically.

According to the district government, it is expected to serve as a model for densely populated metropolises on how to go vertical and maximize every inch of space.

Jing'an residents treated to a plethora of artistic events

Ecuadorian school's trip to city

Nearly 40 teachers and students from Ecuador’s Si Miao Wei Hua International School visited Daning International Elementary School to promote cultural exchange.

Ecuadorian students performed traditional Chinese songs and dances, while Shanghai students performed traditional Chinese musical instruments such as the pipa (Chinese lute) and guzheng (Chinese zither).

They also experienced the intangible cultural heritage of Jinshan farmer’s paintings. The Ecuadorian school teaches traditional Chinese culture classes such as traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese martial arts and Chinese folk dance.

Jing'an residents treated to a plethora of artistic events

Tianhou Palace documentary

A documentary film about the historic Tianhou Palace near Suzhou Creek has been screened.

The palace was originally built in 1884 as the city’s largest temple to Mazu (the goddess of the sea). However, it was later used as an office, school dorms, refugee shelters and shabby residences over the years.

The temple was partitioned in 1980. Its main hall was relocated to Fangta Park in Songjiang District, and two stone lions were relocated to Yuyuan Garden in Huangpu District, while the remaining structures were abandoned in Jing’an.

Fortunately, the temple was not demolished, and the original building components and materials were saved for renovation.

It has been restored after years of work with over 2,600 original wooden and brick components, reviving its original aesthetic and classic architecture. Notably, 3D modeling was used to renovate the spiral caisson ceiling of its ancient opera stage.

The documentary, which recounts the city’s history and ups and downs over the past century, is now available on the “Shanghai Jing’an” WeChat official account.

Jing'an residents treated to a plethora of artistic events
Yu Tingli

Performance by autistic kids

On April 2, World Autism Awareness Day, a special event was held at 500 Yuyuan Road to raise public awareness of autistic children. A musical was performed by autistic children, telling the story of how autistic children make friends and support one another. Their artworks were also on display.

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