Jiading itinerary for 'special forces travelers'

Li Xinran
Jiading itinerary allows travelers to spend the least amount of money to cover the most locations in the shortest time possible.
Li Xinran

Editor’s note:

A new term, “special forces travelers,” has recently gone viral on China’s social media, referring to a travel style popular among young people whereby they try to spend the least amount of money to cover the most locations in the shortest time possible, challenging their physical limits like special forces troops.

We have worked out a Jiading-version strategy for those who want to try the “special forces-style" travel around the district.

First stop: Jiading Confucius Temple

183 South Street

The Confucius Temple in Jiading is profound and extensive in both culture and history. As sunshine filters through the leaves of old trees in the early morning, many people have already started exercising. Here, you can worship the Confucius sage and hang prayer cards. Students come to pray for good scores before taking a test.

Admission: Free

Opening hours: 8:30am-5pm, no entry from 4:30pm

Jiading itinerary for 'special forces travelers'
Zhang Yang

Jiading Confucius Temple

Scenic spots nearby:


After visiting the Confucius Temple, you can go to Huilongtan next door. Huilongtan was built in 1588 and is a picturesque Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) garden.

Five creeks converge here to form a pool. At the highest point of the islet in the pool Yingkui Hill, you can have a panoramic view of the pool.


“A cup of coffee, happy takeoff,” at 51 Dongxiatang Street, is a courtyard coffee shop hidden in the old street. Coffee names such as “Shanghai 1932,” “Braised pork in Brown Sauce,” “Spring Phoenix Ten Miles” and “Take Me Away” are unique and creative, with a per capita price of 25 yuan (US$3.5).

Second stop: Nanxiang Old Street

206 Jiefang Street

Nanxiang Old Street is in the central area of Nanxiang Town, which comprises of Renmin, Gonghe, Jiefang and Shengli streets. The Five Dynasties (AD 907-960) Brick Pagoda, the Ancient Well built in the Liang Dynasty (AD 502-557), the Stele Gallery, and other landscapes are simple yet beautiful, while white walls and grey tiles, and stone bridges and flowing water jointly showcase the ancient town style of Nanxiang.

Jiading itinerary for 'special forces travelers'

Nanxiang Old Street

Restaurant recommended:

Changxinglou Restaurant

When you come to Nanxiang Old Street, you should go to Changxinglou Restraurant to try Nanxiang Xiaolong (steamed soup dumpling) and other dishes, which may cost around 60 yuan per person.

Third stop: Shanghai Auto Museum

7575 Boyuan Road

The Shanghai Auto Museum is in the Shanghai Auto Expo Park. As the first automotive-themed museum in China, it has a collection of over 100 vintage cars and rich auxiliary exhibits. It is a good place to appreciate the beauty of automotives and study the history of automobiles.

Opening hours: 9:30am-4:30pm (closed on Mondays)

Jiading itinerary for 'special forces travelers'

Shanghai Auto Museum

Scenic spots nearby:

Shanghai International Auto City Post Office

Walk 100 meters from the auto museum and you will find Shanghai’s first automotive-themed post office — the Shanghai International Auto City Post Office.

With car models and car themed postcards, the layout inside the post office is filled with car elements.

There is an intelligent robotic arm in the post office that provides stamping services, on post that can be mailed after stamping.


In the Shanghai Auto Expo Park, there is also an offline experience space for automotive culture — the HANSWERKS Art Garage, where classic vehicles such as the Rolls Royce Silver Spur, “Shanghai Brand” SH760A, and BMW E34 are parked, all from the collection of car enthusiast Yang Gang. Tickets are 60 yuan, and you can also have a cup of coffee in the garage for free and enjoy some quiet time.

Fourth stop: Shanghai Malu Grape Park

29 Dazhi Road

Shanghai Malu Grape Park is the first grape-themed park in China, known as the “Shanghai Turpan.”

Now is the season for grape growth. You can come to the grape greenhouse around 1pm to explore the grapes, observe the fruit setting and take photos. Those who enjoy the fun of farming can also go to the vegetable base to pick cucumbers and lettuce, and dig potatoes.

Admission: 15 yuan per person (free for children under 1.3 meters and elderly people over 70 years old)

Vegetable picking season: April 29 to early June (8am-4pm)

Jiading itinerary for 'special forces travelers'
Huang Liu

Shanghai Malu Grape Park

Fifth stop: Jiabei Country Park

5051 Huyi Highway

Located in the northwest of Jiading, Jiabei Country Park boasts a range of natural features that include original ecological farmland, lush trees, and intricate water networks. As you enter the lush forest of the park, you will see three scenic thoroughfares — Shanlin Avenue, Wuzhi Avenue and Fengxiang Avenue — that intersect within the park..

These avenues, along with their crisscrossing water network bridges, serve as the main arteries of the park, connecting the farmland, sea of flowers and forest as one harmonious entity. It is highly recommended to enter the park at noon, when the sun is high and the park is at its most picturesque.

Opening Hours: 8am-6pm (May to September); 8am-5pm (October to April)

Jiading itinerary for 'special forces travelers'
Qin Jian

Jiabei Country Park

Restaurants recommended:

Phiser Country Club

Originally a farmhouse situated near Baima Bridge in Jiabei Country Park, the Phiser Country Club was rebuilt by architects and club owners from the prestigious Central Academy of Arts and Crafts, transforming it into a minimalist European-style building that exudes elegance and sophistication.

In addition to selling coffee, the club also offers customized services for Chinese and English afternoon tea, with an average price of around 50 yuan per person.

Lijiang Ecological Park

Lijiang Ecological Park is in Zhuqiao Village, Jiading Industrial Zone, adjacent to the Laoliu River. It is a rural paradise that integrates leisure, entertainment, sightseeing, catering, vacation and farming.

To fully experience all the activities that the park has to offer, it is recommended to arrive at around 3pm. You can feed cows, watch goats on the farm, and even pick small tomatoes. As for meals, the park recommends trying the signature dish of Meishan Black Pig, which is sure to leave a lasting impression on your taste buds.

Address: 5088 Shuangzhu Road

Sixth stop: Shanghai Poly Grand Theater

159 Baiyin Road

If you have time, you can also go to the Poly Grand Theater to treat yourself with an art feast. The landmark building of Jiading New City was designed by world-renowned architect Tadao Ando and is an excellent place for taking photos.

Jiading itinerary for 'special forces travelers'

Shanghai Poly Grand Theater

Scenic spot nearby:

Jiading Library

The library’s roof is designed in the shape of an open book, reminiscent of the knowledge and wisdom it holds. Despite its modern simplicity, the library has become one of the most popular destinations in Jiading, attracting numerous visitors with its unique architecture and impressive collections.

Address: 1288 Yumin Road S.

Seventh stop: Beishuiwan Bridge

Middle section of Pingcheng Road

The design concept of the Beishuiwan Bridge originated from the image of a “Leaping Dragon across Rainbow.” As night falls, a “rainbow” rises into the sky. Standing on the bridge, you can take in the mesmerizing view of the bustling Sunye Shopping Mall, which is one of the most charming landmarks in the Beishuiwan area.

Jiading itinerary for 'special forces travelers'

Beishuiwan Bridge

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