Putuo remains dominant in 6th CIIE, with participation of 688 firms

Yang Jian
A total of 688 companies from Putuo have registered for the 6th CIIE so far, greatly surpassing the previous two editions.
Yang Jian
Putuo remains dominant in 6th CIIE, with participation of 688 firms

The Suzhou Creek Economic Belt in Putuo District

Putuo-based companies achieved a cumulative targeted transaction value of US$2.472 billion in the previous five CIIEs, greatly encouraging the growth of the district’s economy.

This year, 688 companies based in Putuo have registered for the 6th China International Import Expo, with 3,074 participants, vastly outnumbering the previous two editions.

Putuo has used this platform to demonstrate its allure to the world, presenting its three major facets.

The CIIE has established itself as the global launch pad for new products, the preferred destination for cutting-edge innovations, and the preeminent platform for innovative services.

This year, Putuo has 26 companies with overseas exhibitors, including food and agricultural products, vehicles, technology equipment, consumer goods, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare, as well as an innovation incubation zone.

Notably, Putuo’s exhibitor, BWT Group, is showcasing the cutting-edge water treatment technology, which elevates water quality from a safety standpoint to a health-focused dimension, ushering in a new era in the water treatment sector.

More enterprises in Putuo are attending the CIIE with new exhibits, products, technologies, and services that are smarter, people-centric, and inclusive.

Many of these inventions aim to improve people’s quality of life by opening up new avenues for increasing people’s well-being and establishing a larger area for collaboration in the field of public welfare.

In recent years, Putuo has concentrated on creating a new urban development model by focusing on the “Half-Marathon Suzhou Creek.”

The creek has served as the backdrop for dramatic events in Shanghai’s history since the opening of the city’s port to the world in 1843. It was the site of great hardship during wartime but also the birthplace of China’s earliest national industries.

The creek’s longest length is in Putuo, accounting for half of its downtown area, and is known as the “Half Marathon Suzhou Creek.”

The “Half Marathon Suzhou Creek” is mapped out on a 21-kilometer stretch of riverside in Putuo, with the goal of becoming a “sitting room” for the Yangtze River Delta region and a world-class waterfront.

Putuo has worked with the CIIE for five years and has intensified its efforts to increase the exhibition’s impact, with the goal of transforming “exhibits into commodities, buyers into traders, and exhibitors into investors.”

The enthusiasm among local companies to participate in the CIIE has been substantial. This achievement is thanks to Putuo’s reputation for providing reliable and efficient services to companies.

The district has gained a reputation for creating a good business climate, particularly among various market players, including private firms.

It has been implementing an ambitious promotion plan since the second half of 2020. Over the last three years, 40 projects worth more than a billion yuan (US$136 million) and 400 projects worth more than a million yuan have chosen to develop in Putuo, reflecting their confidence in the district’s economic environment.

The district saw the establishment of 13,000 new firms last year, indicating a robust trend in development across various stages, sizes, and types of businesses.

In October, a new batch of scientific innovation projects to be developed in Putuo in areas such as intelligence, health, new materials, and the metaverse was signed. Xiao Wengao, the director of Putuo, handed out business permits to the 33 key enterprises.

Tsinghua University’s automotive chip lab nurtured the Xinchewuxian, an important project that will contribute to the automotive electronics sector.

The company will do its own chip research and development in a variety of areas, including power, chassis, body, and central control.

Zucheng Culture, a metaverse pioneer, aspires to create participatory metaverse experiences.

According to the district government, Putuo’s financial revenue climbed by 22.2 percent year on year from January to September, while fixed-asset investment increased by 42.2 percent, putting it at the top of all districts for nine consecutive months.

Putuo will continue its efforts to build a top-tier business climate that is market-oriented, legal, and international, the district government said.

The CIIE enables Putuo to demonstrate its economic potential and quality of life on a global scale, highlighting its dedication to mutual cooperation and advancement.

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