The air around Zuibai Pond is fragrant with the scent of chrysanthemums

Tan Weiyun
There are more than 150 varieties of chrysanthemums on display in over 10,000 flower pots at the 49th annual Zuibai Pond Chrysanthemum Exhibition.
Tan Weiyun
The air around Zuibai Pond is fragrant with the scent of chrysanthemums

The 49th Zuibai Pond Chrysanthemum Exhibition features over 150 varieties and over 10,000 flower pots dispersed across the landscape.

The sweet fragrance of chrysanthemum pervades the entire area. The main axis spans 300 meters and features different themed cultural attractions at various locations, including the West Gate's wall and the water fir grove.

The dominant design feature is chrysanthemum flowers, which are accented by deer-shaped sculptures, silhouettes of mountains, auspicious clouds, fences, and other seasonal bloomings.

The intricate layout creates a unique atmosphere, evoking the tranquil sentiment of the classic Chinese poem "Picking chrysanthemums by the Eastern Hedge, leisurely gazing at the Southern Mountain."

The exhibition boasts over 100 traditional Chinese chrysanthemum types, including "Crimson Mountains," "Golden Lions of Yan Mountain," "Tang Dynasty Elegance," and "Soaring Jade Dragon," among others.

These chrysanthemums span a spectrum of colors, from green and purple to red, yellow, and orange. Visitors can also learn about chrysanthemum-related knowledge, enhancing their understanding of China's rich chrysanthemum culture.

The park has ingeniously utilized the existing plant layers under the trees, water features, and topography of the landscape. Chrysanthemums in diverse varieties with mini sizes, potted and sculptured, covering the ground, hung high above, or trimmed to shape like a tower, adorn the lake shores, courtyards, and flowerbeds, creating a mosaic of floral landscapes.

"At the same time, we've placed chrysanthemums on some tree branches, on the railing of stone bridges, and along the lake shores to produce a diverse and colorful visual effect," said Zhang Qi, the park's deputy director.

A calligraphy exhibition with the works of over 40 young calligraphers from the Songjiang District is on display.

The calligraphic works are themed on Chrysanthemums and include verses and poems by notable poets throughout history, giving visitors an amazing mix of poetry and art in a garden setting.

The chrysanthemum and calligraphy exhibits will be on display until November 20.

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