6 Songjiang products on this year's 'Shanghai Souvenir' list

Tan Weiyun
The "2023 Shanghai Souvenir" list was recently released, and Songjiang has six products on the list.
Tan Weiyun
6 Songjiang products on this year's 'Shanghai Souvenir' list

Six Songjiang products made the "2023 Shanghai Souvenir" list.

The Tangbingjia palmiers series, 21 Cake's Black and White Chocolate Mousse and Crispy Power Ball, and Shanghai Laisi Information Technology's Smart Jump Rope were among them.

Tangbingjia's palmiers series uses the Tang Dynasty craft of "hundred-layer flaky pastry." The product packaging stands out with its use of gold and silver colors that were popular in Tang palaces and among the upper class, as well as the ornate patterns inspired by the dynasty's folk art.

Taking inspiration from the Flower Drum Opera's fluttering butterflies, the series adds a vivid, dynamic shape to Shanghai-style pastries.

For chocolate lovers, the 21 cake's Black and White Chocolate Mousse is exquisite. The double-layer Belgian chocolate mousse is rich, sweet, and velvety. The Power Ball, made with 55 percent pure cocoa black chocolate and 11 traditional New Year's dry fruits, is a festive treat.

The 75Pai Smart Jump Rope T40L from Shanghai Laisi Information Technology uses a bespoke smart chip and an industrial-grade AMR magnetic sensor to switch jump rope modes smoothly. It supports free jumping, countdown jumping, and interval jumping and provides intelligent and accurate counting.

The Nordic nRF52840 smart chip in the 75Pai Smart Jump Rope F20Pro monitors blood oxygen and dynamic heart rate. This rope properly tracks body data and provides real-time audio support for fitness monitoring.

"Through the 'Shanghai Souvenir' selection, we not only enhance Songjiang's brand awareness and reputation but also indirectly encourage Songjiang enterprises to pursue higher product quality," a spokesperson from the District Consumer Protection Committee said.

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