Tickets for Berlin philharmonic orchestra performances sold out in 26 hours

All the tickets for Berliner Philharmoniker's 2017 Shanghai Concert were sold out within 26 hours of going on sale on September 17.

Tickets for Berliner Philharmoniker 2017's Shanghai Concert were sold out within 26 hours of going on sale on September 17, Shanghai Oriental Arts Center announced yesterday.

The concert, to be staged at the center on November 16 and 17, will be the third and probably the last time that Simon Rattle will visit Shanghai as the artistic director of Berliner Philharmoniker.

The orchestra will present Richard Strauss’ symphonic poem “Don Juan,” Brahms’ "Symphony No. 4," and Bartok’s "Piano Concerto No. 2" on November 16, together with Chinese pianist Lang Lang. 

The concert on November 17 will be more of a Russian music carnival, featuring Rachmaninoff’s "Symphony No. 3" and Stravinsky’s “Petrushka.”

Berliner Philharmoniker with Rattle is very different from the version with Karajan, according to Tang Muhai, who worked as a guest conductor for the orchestra in 1983.

“Berliner Philharmoniker with Karajan is more classical when it comes to Austria-German music, while the orchestra pursues more variety in music, from classical to contemporary, with Rattle,” said Tang.

The orchestra’s first visit to Shanghai Oriental Arts Center in 2005 marked one of the city’s top 10 cultural events of the year, and their visit this time is also guaranteed to thrill local audiences. 

With sponsorship from Borgward, the average price for the concert this time is 30 percent less than the 2005 price, now ranging from 80 to 3,480 yuan. Though the tickets did not go on sale until September 17, there were fans queuing from September 15.

“We did not expect that audiences would have come so early," said Luo Xueqin, vice general manager of the Center. "Certain arrangements were made for the early-birds later, and we may work on better purchasing services next time."

For those who failed to get a ticket, the center is currently negotiating with the Philharmoniker to arrange 30-minute rehearsals open to public, so that more ordinary residents can have a chance to appreciate music by a top international orchestra.

According to Luo, ticket prices for the Vienna Philharmonic Concert on October 24 and 25 are also reduced, with the lowest price dropping from 300 to 80 yuan.

Performance details

Date: November 16-17, 7:30pm
Venue: Shanghai Oriental Arts Center
Address: 425 Dingxiang Rd, Pudong New Area
Tickets: 80-3,480 yuan
Tel: 6854-7759, 6854-1234

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