A variety of TV programs to air over National Day holiday

Audiences will be presented with an array of TV programs during the National Day holiday, including one featuring expats performing beloved Chinese songs.
Ti Gong

An expat who loves Chinese culture performs a popular Chinese song as part of original musical show "Sing Aloud, China."

Audiences will be presented with an array of TV programs during the National Day holiday, including one featuring foreigners performing beloved Chinese songs.

"Sing Aloud, China," an original musical show, invites expats to sing popular Chinese songs. Many of the them have built deep emotional connection with Chinese culture, including ancient Chinese poetry, food and even kung fu. Some have been engaged in international cultural exchanges.

The expats will also share their affinity with China and their own stories. The best singers will be selected by the studio audience after working with Chinese pop stars. Their performances will include songs such as "A Love Song from Kangding" and "Velvet Flowers."

Director Zhai Jia said that they hope the show — which will be broadcast on Dragon TV at 10pm from October 1 to 3 — will increase the influence of Chinese culture.

On the evening of October 4, Dragon TV will air a grand gala in celebration of Mid-Autumn Festival, featuring traditional Chinese opera, martial arts, poetry and folk customs. Celebrities including Taiwan singer Fei Yu-ching, Hong Kong singer Cecilia Cheung and actress Angelababy have confirmed they will perform.

Also on Dragon TV, another Mid-Autumn Festival gala at 11pm will show classic excerpts and new acts of traditional Chinese opera. Celebrated artists of Peking Opera, Kunqu Opera, Yueju Opera, Huju Opera, pingtan and Shanghai farce will perform and interact with audiences. Excerpts of "The Palace of Eternal Youth" and "Grand Occasion in the Golden Years of Zhenguan" will be presented

The Drama Channel and International Channel Shanghai will broadcast acclaimed films from a variety of genres, including "Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol," "Overheard," "The Pursuit of Happiness" and "Rush Hour."

Haha TV and Toonmax TV will showcase original children's TV and film animations such as "The Big Head Son and Little Head Father," "Panda and Little Mole" and "Boonie Bears."

For detailed screening schedules, check www.smg.cn/review/tv/index.html.

Ti Gong
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