Krystian Lupa's first Chinese theater production to hit Shanghai stage

The original drama pays tribute to late Chinese writer Shi Tiesheng.
Krystian Lupa's first Chinese theater production to hit Shanghai stage
Ti Gong

Polish theater director Krystian Lupa (second from left) attends the press conference in Shanghai.

“Mo Fei,” a new original drama by Polish theater director Krystian Lupa, will be staged at the Experimental Theater of Shanghai Theater Academy from October 14 to 17. 

The drama is Lupa’s first Chinese stage production. The celebrated theater director has presented Chinese audience with his other acclaimed works, though, including “Persona. Marilyn,” “Woodcutters” and “Heldenplatz.”

The five-hour production is Lupa’s interpretation on the work of famous late Chinese author Shi Tiesheng. 

The setting is a movie screen and the main character is a daydreaming alcoholic who is played by Chinese actor Wang Xuebing.

The story is narrated by a man who, though drunk, is able to discern society more clearly than the people around him. And hidden deep in monologues of the drunkard are illusions, dreams and the provocative truth.

According to Lupa, the drama pays tribute to the disabled author Shi who had rich and deep feelings about life. In his eyes, the production, which combines elements of film and theater, is also an exploration of the mysterious inside world of Chinese writers. 

On Sunday, Shanghai Theater Academy will also host a seminar on the drama. Lupa will exchange ideas with local experts and critics.

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