'A Warm Meal' – Wuhan cooks under the lens

Xu Wei
The show is a documentary about ordinary people's effort to contain the novel coronavirus. Most sequences in the documentary are shot by netizens in Wuhan who are grounded.
Xu Wei

“Un Repas Chaud,” literally meaning “A Warm Meal,” is a heartwarming 45-minute documentary about ordinary people’s effort to contain the novel coronavirus. 

The show in Chinese will be aired on Docu TV at 9pm on Monday. It will also be aired at 10:45pm on iQiyi and Bilibili, two popular online entertainment platforms.

Most sequences in the documentary are shot by netizens in Wuhan who are grounded. 

Focusing on Wuhan people’s everyday chores, as well as the community’s special Spring Festival preparations, the lens points at the mundane in every passing day, the feelings of local people, be it fear, anger or hope, in the battle against the novel coronavirus epidemic.

It will also present short videos on six other aspects of the city, such as its transportation and pets at home. 

All sequences were selected from about 1,000 video clips. It is the first time Shanghai Media Group’s Documentary Center has produced a documentary wholly based on netizens’ sequences.

Director Zhang Lai hopes to convey the optimism and strength of the people in Wuhan, the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in China. Food has the power to lay your panic and anxiety at the feet, Zhang said.

'A Warm Meal' – Wuhan cooks under the lens

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