You're a star: 'Street Dance of China'

The show has already received 100 million clicks on Youku video-sharing site, and more series are planned.

The new variety show “Street Dance of China” has turned out to be a hit since its debut on Youku on February 24.

The show, a joint effort of Youku and Star China, has already received over 100 million clicks on the video-sharing website. 

The original show gathers both celebrities and ordinary dancers to showcase the coolest styles and moves of street dance.

Taiwan singer/TV host Show Lo, heartthrob Yi Yangqianxi, singer/actor Han Geng and singer Huang Zitao lead four teams of different styles to compete on stage.

According to Yang Weidong, president of Youku, this show is the company’s first offering this year to display the lifestyle of young Chinese people. More innovative shows will be produced, varying in themes such as robotics and singing.

Ti Gong

Taiwan singer/TV host Show Lo

Ti Gong

Heartthrob Yi Yangqianxi, a member of the band TFBoys

Ti Gong

Pop singer Huang Zitao

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