Chinese family drama to air in Mongolia

Starring Huang Lei and Hai Qing, "A Love for Separation" was a hit when it was broadcast in China in 2016. 
Ti Gong

The heartwarming family drama “A Love for Separation,” which tackles the problem of children’s education, will air on Mongolia’s Asian Box channel on June 7.

Starring Huang Lei and Hai Qing, the series was a hit when broadcast in China in 2016. It vividly depicts several couples’ anxieties about their children’s education and reflects challenging parent-child relationships in many families.

According to its producer Linmon Pictures, two sequels are under planning to form an “education trilogy” for the screen.

The production company’s fantasy series “Fighter of the Destiny” has also been introduced to overseas audiences. It has been translated into 13 languages and broadcast worldwide.

Ti Gong
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