Food and film, a perfect cinematic combo

The guide team has prepared a food list covering several restaurants close to the three main cinemas to ensure you get the most from the 2018 Shanghai International Film Festival.

The 2018 Shanghai International Film Festival kicks off tomorrow and most of the city’s cinema-goers have already secured tickets for the big film party. But to enjoy the true cinematic experience, the guide team has prepared a food list covering several restaurants close to the three main cinemas to ensure you get the most from this year’s festival. Joan Zheng guides.

Shanghai Film Art Center

As the main cinema of the Shanghai International Film Festival, Shanghai Film Art Center screens a variety of films every year. Although SFC isn’t in the CBD circle, you can still find places to enjoy meals in the new cultural and creative park “Xing Fu Li.”

Address: 160 Xinhua Rd

Tel: 6280-6088

Recommended Restaurants near Shanghai Film Art Center

Just Cool 玖库

Just Cool is a small restaurant and beer bar on Dingxi Road, a 10-minute walk from Shanghai Film Art Center. Don’t underestimate this tiny restaurant and bar, it serves authentic Italian pizzas and a large collection of imported beers all at a reasonable price.

Address: 432 Dingxi Rd

Tel: 153-1720-3910

Pie Society 派社

With simple and chic decoration, the Pie Society is an English food bar located in Xing Fu Li, featuring tasty gourmet pies, salads and other English-style food.

The gourmet pies here are cooked in a typical English style, with rich fillings such as double cheese beef, black beer beef and curry chicken.

It creates a well-balanced taste together with a crispy skin on the outside.

Address: 381 Panyu Rd

Tel: 6214-6992

 Missoo 蜜芍

Missoo, an Italian-style ice cream shop, located on Xingfu Road, is famous for its natural and eclectic tastes. With healthy ingredients that includes fresh fruit, natural nuts and pure milk, the gelatos made by Missoo are low-fat and delicate. A Missoo ice cream is a good choice of dessert to cool down after a summer dinner in Shanghai.

Address: 67 Xingfu Rd

Tel: 3256-0688

Majestic Theater

Located in business circle of Jing’an District, the Majestic Theater screens a huge number of films for the Shanghai International Film Festival every year.

Address: 66 Jiangning Rd

Tel: 6217-4409

Recommended Restaurants near the Majestic Theater

SixPence 真田食堂

SixPence, a Japanese restaurant near the Majestic Theater, is a great option for film enthusiasts. Hokkaido fried chicken, potato pies and nori rice cakes are Japanese dishes that will take you on anunforgettable food journey.

Address: 288 Fengxian Rd

Tel: 185-1610-3545

Little Catch

Little Catch is a stylish restaurant with a simple and bright design in Zhang Yuan, featuring several Poké dishes. The eatery highlights include Hawaiian tuna, dynamite salmon, wasabi shrimps and umeboshi octopus. You will be amazed by the delicious rich combination of onions, cashew nuts, avocados and tasty sauces.

Address: 89 Taixing Rd

Tel: 6272-5788

Hongqiao Art Center

As a new art landmark in Shanghai, Hongqiao Art Center is one of the host cinemas of the 2018 Shanghai International Film Festival.

Address: 888 Tian-shan Rd

Tel: 5206-6600

Recommended Restaurants near the Hongqiao Art Center

Ganyiwan 赣忆碗

Ganyiwan is a Jiangxi-style restaurant near Hongqiao Art Center. For people who want to experience Jiangxi dishes, Ganyiwan is the place for you for its authentic tastes. Fried rice noodles topped with shredded pork, pickles and red onions, is a palatable choice you shouldn’t miss.

Address: 299 Xianxia Rd

Tel: 5299-6377

 Hollys Coffee 豪丽斯咖啡

For people in a hurry to see films at Hongqiao Art Center, Hollys Coffee is an ideal place. The must-have drink is a sweet potato latte, offering an exquisite taste of luscious sweet potato and crispy almonds.

The shop also supplies an excellent range of sandwiches, waffles and cakes to take away.

Address: 888 Tianshan Rd

Tel: 5299-6100

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