New fantasy series to hit the airwaves this month

Want Junkai from the TFBoys takes a leading role in a new fantasy series hitting the small screen later this month. 

“Eagles and Youngster,” a fantasy adventure series based on a novel by popular Chinese Internet writer Zhang Muye, will begin airing on Dragon TV on September 25.

Zhang is famous for his tomb-raiding novel series “Ghost Blows Out the Light.” One book of the series has been adapted into a well-received movie “Mojin - The Lost Legend.”

“Eagles and Youngster” stars Wang Junkai, a heartthrob from pop band TFBoys, and award-winning young actress Wen Qi.

It follows the adventure of a young guy in Beijing who travels in northeast China to save his mentor. He and his friends have to solve a series of puzzles on their journey.

The series is also about the growth of the protagonist from a young boy to a hero. It tries to raise public awareness of the human-nature relationship.

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