'The Captain' at a screen near you

Xu Wei
Film based on the true story of how Sichuan Airlines Captain Liu Chuanjian saved the lives of 119 passengers by remaining calm in a crisis opens on Monday.
Xu Wei

“The Captain,” regarded as a Chinese counterpart of US movie “Sully,” will be screened at cinemas across China on Monday. Special screenings will also be held at 6pm on Saturday in around 100 major cities.

Director Andrew Lau and actors Zhang Hanyu and Du Jiang were in Shanghai on Thursday to meet the press. 

The film is based on the true story of how Sichuan Airlines captain Liu Chuanjian saved the lives of 119 passengers with his calm handling of an emergency landing.

Lau said they didn't have much time for the production of the movie, and all of them tried their best to truly depict the civil aviation crisis. 

Actor Zhang said it was a challenge for him to portray a real-life hero. All the actors received cabin training for their roles.

The film is the third production of Bona Film Group’s “Pride of China,” a tribute to the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China.

Its others are “The Bravest,” a true story about Chinese firefighters, and historical epic “Chairman Mao 1949.” 

'The Captain' at a screen near you
Dong Jun / SHINE

The crew of “The Captain,” a film based on a true story

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