Salted egg yolk now a star in its own right

Salted egg yolk, which used to be just a side dish for congee, is now extremely popular among young people.

Eggplant with salted egg yolk

This restaurant features traditional shanghai cuisine, which is very popular among locals. 

Covered with salted egg yolk and fried, the eggplant has a golden appearance and delicious smell, while the taste is crispy. it tastes best when eaten hot, or it will become a little greasy. 

Other shanghai-style dishes including stewed pork with soy sauce, plum shrimp and sliced pig kidneys fried in fermented bean paste are also recommended.

Recommended restaurant: Xiaoping Restaurant 
Address: 202 Jiashan Road 
Tel: 021-6431 9399

Egg puff with salted egg yolk

MaiChiling is a famous snack bar selling traditional Hong Kong snacks and drinks. it has more than 20 branches in shanghai.

The egg puff with salted egg yolk here is crispy and delicious. Each egg puff uses three salted egg yolks. instead of the taste of flour, you can enjoy the rich flavor of salted egg yolk for each bite. it tastes best when eaten hot.

Recommended restaurant: Maichiling 
Address: 618 Xujiahui Road 
Tel: 021-3466 5071

Salted egg yolk shaomai

Using 7,000 salted eggs every day, this small restaurant features food made with salted egg yolk.

Salted egg yolk shaomai is the must-try here. With a whole salted egg yolk inside, the shaomai is chewy, salty and delicious, while the price is also reasonable.

Other highlights include seafood fried rice with salted egg yolk, steamed meat buns with salted egg yolk, salted egg yolk green rice ball and so on.

Recommended restaurant: Yangyangtimian 
Address: 40 Baoanzhi Road
Tel: 138-1633-5522

Takoyaki with salted egg yolk

Takoyaki is a ball-shaped Japanese snack, typically filled with minced or diced octopus. added with salted egg yolk, the taste becomes richer. 

While there is a big salted egg yolk inside, there is also lots of mayonnaise, bacon, corn and sea sedge on its surface, which makes it soft and chewy.

Recommended restaurant: Takoyaki House 
Address: 618 Xujiahui Road
Tel: 135-8560-9378

Salted egg yolk ice cream

This gelato shop features ice creams with unique flavors. The salted egg yolk is smashed and mixed in the ice cream. The overall taste is mainly creamy and a little salty. 

Other recommended flavors include nut, caramel sea salt, spicy chocolate, pine olive oil and wild cherry.

Recommended restaurant: Bonus 
Address: 276 Wulumuqi Road M. 
Tel: 134-8253-3029

Salted egg yolk crayfish

HongkuiJia is a famous crayfish restaurant in shanghai. having various tastes of crayfish, this restaurant is always full of customers. 

A plate of crayfish needs 16 salted eggs. Covered with salted egg yolk, the crayfish tastes rich and delicious. There is rice crust under the crayfish, which also tastes good paired with salted egg yolk.

Recommended restaurant: Hongkuijia 
Address: 323 Tianyaoqiao Road 
Tel: 021-5425 2373

Xiaolongbao with salted egg yolk

This restaurant features different kinds of xiaolongbao. Besides traditional flavors, it also has some unique ones.

With meat and a whole salted egg yolk, this xiaolongbao tastes juicy, but not greasy. Paired with vinegar, it has a rich flavor including sweet, sour and salty.

Recommended restaurant: Linlongfang 
Address: 618 Xujiahui Road 
Tel: 021-6131 1391

Wonton with salted egg yolk and shrimp

With lots of flowers on the wall, this beautiful restaurant features various tastes of wonton.

Wonton with salted egg yolk and shrimp is the must-try here. The wonton is big, while the skin is thin and soft. The salted egg yolk and shrimp are mixed in an appropriate proportion. There are also lots of distinctive soup bases, such as cordyceps flower, chicken soup and borscht.

Recommended restaurant: Flower Cate 
Address: 155 Changshou Road 
Tel: 158-0050-9566

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