Go loco at new Latino-themed eatery 'Tequila Loca'

India de Bellescize
If you're a lover of Latin culture and cuisine then dining at "Tequila Loca" is the perfect place to be.
India de Bellescize
Go loco at new Latino-themed eatery 'Tequila Loca'


If you’re a lover of Latin culture and cuisine then dining at “Tequila Loca” is the perfect place to be.

The restaurant/bar officially opened in early 2019 but it has quickly become the top new Mexican restaurant in the Hongmei area after Pistolera and Mamacita closed down.

But “Tequila Loca” isn’t the only highlight in an area, titled “Ala Town,” it has many other surprises. For a start it is home to the HiBaby club, a weekly market and several other yummy restaurants.

“Ala Town,” located at 66 Xianfeng Street in Minhang District, offers manufacturing, shopping and cultural services all in one single place.

The area is very much like the neighboring Laowai Jie or “Foreigner Street” on Hongmei Road, one of the most popular haunts of the Western community. But “Ala Town” is already rivalling Laowai Jie in popularity.

There are several delicious restaurants in the area and none more so than “Tequila Loca.”

Once inside, the restaurant envelopes you with a range of vivid colors and symbols all inspired by Latino culture. Numerous Mexican flags hang from the walls accompanied by a number of funky lamps alongside a cactus.

And the Spanish and Mexican music, which washes over your ears, is as joyful and animated as the visuals and cuisine.

The restaurant has two floors and is the perfect size for a comfortable day or night out.

The menu provides a variety of choices for everybody to enjoy. There is also a terrace which can be rented out for private parties.

Prices are fairly cheap and the results are worth it. They range between 100 to 150 yuan per person but can go as high as 220 yuan if you include a couple of cheeky drinks or snacks.

The restaurant has a large screen, which plays movies. An Indian film was being beamed on my last visit, which is quite peculiar considering it is a Mexican outlet. But it didn’t spoil the evening, on the contrary, it provided my party with some good entertainment.

Resist the temptation to try all of the savory dishes and snacks promoted on their vast menu as you’ll fill up very quickly.

You can never go wrong with their tacos. Choosing between the prawn tacos and the soft corn tamales will not disappoint you.

There is a kids menu, a burger list, quesadillas, chimichangas, burritos, fajitas, enchiladas and a whole new page of starters. And it wouldn’t be a true Latino restaurant without Dips n’ salsa, or their very own “Guacamole Bar.”

The drinks are equally as rich and delightful as the food, and the choices are endless. For instance, the restaurant has an impressive selection of margaritas on the menu, from their “peach margarita” to a “jalapenos & cucumber margarita.” Overall, the choice of cocktails appears to be infinite.

Internationally-recognized chef Justin Birmingham successfully provides a range of tastes and choices.

His primary goal is to pursue his “culinary dreams” by expressing a wide variety of culture and experiences through his cuisine.

Birmingham also happens to own the “Shanghai Brew House,” a craft brewery & gastropub concept restaurant, and the “Drunken Hen,” which exhibits an old school American-style diner concept.

Not only is the food great, the staff give a warm welcome and the service is good, although it can be inconsistent on its busier days.

“Tequila Loca” is an ideal place to have a family lunch, dinner with colleagues or drinks with friends. Why not go “loco” at “Tequila Loca.”

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