The Cut Meatery calls out to local carnivores

Yang Di
Marketed as a casual spot centered around flavorful meat dishes, this latest edition in The Cut series retains the same vibe as its peers. Some details, however, could be improved.
Yang Di

Marketed as a casual canteen centered around meat, The Cut Meatery is a new dining spot with fancy flavorful dishes and a neon-accented interior.

The restaurant is situated inside the new One ITC mall in the Xujiahui area. It is the newest addition under VOL Group, which previously opened The Cut Steak & Fries on the 6th floor of iapm mall and The Cut Rooftop on the 7th floor. The new place retains the same vibe as others in The Cut series: sleek, young and edgy.

The VOL team expects The Cut Meatery to serve young diners who will feel comfortable eating in fashionable surroundings, bathed in fiery reds and magenta whilst listening to the latest beats and sipping fizzy lemonade or craft beer.

The Cut Meatery calls out to local carnivores
Courtesy of The Cut Meatery / Ti Gong

The interior is sleek, young and edgy.  

The restaurant's name clearly indicates a meat-centric menu. The kitchen presents meats braised, skewered or charcoal-grilled with herbs, spices and creative homemade sauces.

Served on wooden boards and metal bowls, the dishes have a straight-forward presentation without overly decorated garnish.

I started off with the drunken clams, infused with a brandy soy sauce, Sichuan pepper and calamansi. It might not appeal to those who prefer an authentic clam taste. Yet, with the brandy soy sauce I found it tasty.

The Cut Meatery calls out to local carnivores
Courtesy of The Cut Meatery / Ti Gong

The kitchen presents braised, skewered or charcoal-grilled meats with herbs, spices and sauces.

The “Meat from the sea” menu section includes a range of dishes from raw to grilled favorites. I ordered Japanese saury fish, a staple in Japanese cuisine traditionally enjoyed grilled with a dash of lemon. Here, they gave the fish a Mediterranean twist, stuffed with diced garlic, tomato, coriander, onion and North African harissa chili for a fiery finish.

I chose a charcoal-grilled Argentinean rib eye as the main course with chimichurri sauce. Chimichurri is traditionally used on grilled meat in South America yet I found the version here less tasty and it didn’t give an extra kick to the steak. As a newly opened restaurant, surely it has some details to work out.


Opening hours: 10:30am-11pm

Tel: 6468-1619

Address: LG1-118, One ITC Mall, 1901 Huashan Rd

Average price: 150 yuan

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