Tantalizing Mid-Autumn festivity menu options

Hua Xin
Ideal restaurants are celebrating the season and preserving yang energy for winter.
Hua Xin

The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming. Here we present some delightful autumn menus to select for a family gathering or friends' reunion.

Shanghai Tang

The new menu at Shanghai Tang will tantalize the taste buds with a bit of "autumn luxury." It's a perfect spot to catch up with friends while enjoying an enchanting view of the Bund.

Start with a cold dish, such as fresh yam cake with lime juice topped with osmanthus and matcha powder, sliced eggplant topped with mashed almond and homemade sesame sauce, or preserved bacon slices in premium Chinese liquor Wuliangye. The chef especially balances the homemade sauce and the ingredients to help tempt the appetite. The fresh tastes introduce you to the seasonal harvests.

It is high time to preserve yang (warm) energy for winter. As for main dishes, don't miss the chance to try the fried eel topped with caviar. The fresh fish are preserved in homemade sauce and fried with chopped scallions. The crispy skin and tender meat will not disappoint, and the caviar adds an extra taste sensation. Also, the steamed grouper topped with chicken oil and bean sauce is very popular.

And no meal is complete without dessert. Shanghai Tang offers seasonal green bean mooncake stuffed with bird's nest. The mooncake contains less sugar. And the mini size is really a great choice for the ladies. Such a perfect sweet treat for the upcoming festival.

Hours: 11am-2pm, 5-9:30pm
Address: 5/F, Bldg N3, 600 Zhongshan Rd E2

Tantalizing Mid-Autumn festivity menu options

Yellow croaker soup at Liuxi


The new Liuxi outlet in Huangpu District offers a feast of fresh seafood from Taizhou, a coastal city in Zhejiang Province. Famed for its fishing industry and traditional seafood cuisine, the place is a mecca for seafood lovers.

As we know, a fresh catch cooked with local methods ensures the original flavor of seafood is best preserved. The restaurant specializes in authentic Taizhou seafood cooking, and the oyster in boiled fish broth is its signature dish.

The chef buys his oysters from Dalian in Liaoning Province, and the broth is cooked with the fresh fish and pepper for more than eight hours. It will suitably warm the stomach for this season. Other popular dishes include roasted crab, yellow croaker soup and sliced clam cooked in shrimp broth.

Hours: 11am-2pm, 5-10pm
Address: 2/F, 788 Zhongshan Rd S1

Tantalizing Mid-Autumn festivity menu options

Peijie Hotpot

Originating in Chongqing, Peijie Hotpot recently opened its new outlets in Xuhui and Yangpu districts. Many spicy hotpot fans will be instantly drawn by the food odors emanating from the entry. The reason why Peijie attracts people who are willing to wait for more than five hours is its fresh ingredients and soup stock from Chongqing.

The must-orders are fresh beef trashea, pork meatballs, preserved chickens' feet, pork aorta, beef tripe, duck intestine and bean curd. Experienced gourmet diners cook the meat before the vegetables, adding thinly sliced ingredients and tossing quickly.

As for the broth, the chef uses various dried red chilis, spices, herbs and seasoning, and beef tallow condiments. The rich flavors tantalise the tongue.

Seafood lovers can choose to add sliced grouper, eel, sea whelk and shrimp to the pot.

Xuhui Branch
Hours: 24 hours
Address: 323-5 Tianyaoqiao Rd
Tel: 1982-1533-233

Yangpu Branch
Hours: 10am-10pm
Address: 2228 Huangxing Rd
Tel: 1336-1810-956

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