More city buses and some routes adjusted

Bus operators increased traffic capacity and adjusted several routes from September 1 to meet new transportation demands.

Shanghai's bus operators have increased traffic capacity as the new semester of local primary schools and high schools began last Friday.

According to the city’s transportation commission, Shanghai Bashi Group, the city's major bus operator, is expected to add 246 buses from Friday, to ensure a capacity of nearly 8,000 buses running on its 120 major routes.

The group has also cut interval times and adjusted capacity so the bus service can cope during rush hours on routes taking in primary and high schools.

Pudong Bus Transport Co, the main bus operator in the Pudong New Area, has also increased capacity for its 27 routes, with 30 buses added and more than 700 services added.

Moreover, some bus routes have been adjusted from last Friday.

Luojing Bus was canceled on Friday given its low traffic, its operator said, adding the route of Baoshan Bus 86 has been adjusted to cover the route. The 86 will extend its terminal from Chenhang to the transportation hub on Yunlin Road.

The change is expected to make it easier for residents living in Luojin to transfer to Songbao area, Baoshan Hospital and Wusong Hospital. Residents will also find it easier to transfer to Metro Line 3.

From last Friday, a new bus route 1810 has been put into operation in Songjiang District, which runs between Songjiang West Bus Station to Wenxiang Road. The ticket is 1 yuan (15 US cents).

Jiading Bus 102's route has also been adjusted from last Friday to meet transportation needs of residents living near Tongwen Road and Deyou Road.

The authority added that five road repair projects in suburban Jinshan District are expected to be finished by the end of September.

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