And the winner is ... step forward 248 nominees

The 248 winners were selected from 7,302 local companies and teams for the 2017 Startup competition in Shanghai. 

A total of 248 local innovative companies were named as winners of the 2017 Startup in Shanghai, a startup competition, over the weekend.

The awarding ceremony was set up in Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, along with an entrepreneur subforum of Pujiang Innovation Forum.

Entrepreneurs, scholars and officials shared their ideas and insights on entrepreneurship and the booming sharing economy in China during the subforum.

The winning teams were selected from 7,302 local companies and teams, covering six areas including new material, Internet, biomedical and new energy.

The featured companies include Emotibot Technologies, firm that aims to make artificial intelligent "chatbots" that can understand and resonate with humans, and Shanghai Chuying Culture Co, which promotes "photo stories" adapted from online literature.

The competition was organized by the Shanghai Technology Innovation Center.

The selected companies will represent the city to compete with other innovative players nationwide in the national startup competition — the 6th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. 

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