NIO opens 2nd test center in Anting

NIO Automobile’s second test center, on Anxiao Road, Jiading, has been put to use.

NIO Automobile’s second test center, on Anxiao Road, Jiading, has been put to use.

So far, two out of its eight global research and development centers have settled in Anting Town.

The company plans to make the new lab an experimental hub to include new energy, smart cars and an intelligent transport system.

Its research into a single automobile model, however, will cover the overall streamline from finished vehicle, electrical architecture, power management to the after sale service, backup management and others.

The 22 workshops in the center highlight a driving experience platform that integrates a motion platform, a mimic system and a view system, which allows for vehicle performance review as well as examination for various car-loaded systems.

There are only five places like this around the world and only one in China, the NIO lab.

The energy test department is also trying to innovate and lead.

It will pilot the systematic profile for NIO cars’ power charging, mobile charging, exclusive charging set and power storage.

Experiments are conducted under different temperatures and humidity to make sure NIO technologies are durable and reliable.

NIO has eight research and development centers in China, Germany, the US and Britain. The research team constitutes more than half of the employees. Globally it has produced about 2,000 patents with another 500 going through the application process.

In manufacturing and quality control, NIO adopts an open platform to share with existing enterprises. Its current target is to launch smart electric cars with high performance.

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