Community Star of September: Gu Chao

Star goalkeeper becomes good manner ambassador.
Community Star of September: Gu Chao
Jiang Xiaowei / SHINE

Gu Chao (left) is horned as the good manner ambassador.

Gu Chao, goalkeeper of Jiangsu Suning football team, has been named as ambassador of good manners by his hometown of Jing’an.

In a promotional video, Gu, playing a white-collar worker, shows how to behave well in public venues and the workplace. Not pushing others when taking the elevator and not talking or taking pictures when watching movie are just two examples.

“Jing’an has about 500,000 white-collar workers and 200 office buildings. Many of them have good manners but some just don’t know how to behave the right way,” Gu said.

“For myself, I learn from it, and I hope others can also learn and gradually become advocate for good manner,” he added.

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