Historic compound survives demolition order

Known in Pudong as Cao Villa, the compound once housed descendants of the renowned Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127) general Cao Bin.

A historic residential compound has been saved from the demolition squad.

The compound, known locally as Cao Villa, is tucked away in a cluster of dilapidated buildings in rural Pudong’s Gaohang Town.

Experts have persuaded authorities to halt plans to tear down the compound as part of a renewal project. 

It once housed descendants of the renowned Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127) general Cao Bin. But the compound was not granted protected status by the government.

Pudong’s cultural heritage preservation authority was alerted after appeals were made to save the compound. 

“We have ordered the township government to suspend the demolition, and they are very willing to join us to work together with experts to re-study it,” said an official who asked not to be identified.

According to the township government, the compound has been placed under temporary protection to prevent it being demolished.

A nearby teashop owner surnamed Xu told Shanghai Daily that the site used to be dotted with eight courtyard estates, but five of them have been pulled down. 

Shanghai history and architecture expert Lou Chenghao said the remaining buildings have a high architectural and historical value because the main structure is preserved and the interior decoration features architectural characteristics of the Song and Ming dynasties.

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