Pudong 'micro-renovation' to cover urban and historical areas

The Pudong New Area's "micro-renovation" will protect the traditions of historical villages like Zhoupu and upgrade facilities in urban communities.

Urban communities will undergo “micro-renovation” while traditions of historical villages will be preserved in the Pudong New Area.

Pudong has one of the most sought after commercial areas, Lujiazui, but it also has centuries-old towns like Zhoupu. 

“In urban communities, we aren’t pulling down everything,” said Pudong’s Deputy Director Ji Zhaoliang. “Rather, we have launched micro-renovation, in which we upgrade old facilities and add new decoration.”

“Such a subtle change can make a big difference,” said Tang Minghua, deputy director of Pudong Planning and Land Authority. “Social organizations are encouraged to take part in the campaign.”

Roadside park, walking path and mix-used public venue in the community will be upgraded to serve people better and foster community ties.

For the countryside, dotted with old towns, the government has vowed to protect and preserve those with historical values. 

The local government will guide them on carrying out repairs on old buildings so that they can retain their unique characteristics.

“We have to respect history and nature, and pass on the unique countryside culture,” said Ji.

Besides old parks like Guzhong Garden will be expanded and renovated to cater to the young people’s needs. Construction of large-scale greenbelts in Zhangjiabang and Beicai are also on the government’s agenda.

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