Thousands of tourists flock to scenic spots

Around 439,400 tourists visited the 11 scenic spots in Songjiang District during the Labor Day holiday, the district tourism bureau estimated.

Around 439,400 tourists visited the 11 scenic spots in Songjiang District during the Labor Day holiday (April 29-May 1), generating roughly 16.6 million yuan (US$2.6 million) in revenue, the district tourism bureau estimated.

The muggy weather saw no dampening of tourists’ enthusiasm.

The Sheshan National Forest Park had 126,100 visitors during the three-day holiday. Thames Town welcomed 61,500 tourists, while Guangfulin Countryside Park admitted 15,000 sightseers.

The attractions unveiled a number of activities, such as the “Spring Outing Season” by Happy Valley Amusement Park, azalea exhibitions at Fangta Park and Zuibai Pond Park, a “Camping Under The Stars” festival by Sheshan Forest Hotel, a Cosplay cartoon and animation festival by Shanghai Film Shooting Base and a peony exhibition at Xinbang Peony Garden.

Besides showcasing performing pets and having tens of thousands of pinwheels decorating the park, Happy Valley also held an international street dance elite competition during the holiday. A group of top hip-pop dancers joined in, among them choreographers and competitors from the variety show “Street Dance of China.” The park received a total of 82,500 visitors over the three days, an increase of 31 percent year on year. Ticket sales amounted to 10.4 million yuan.

The three-day cartoon and animation festival at Shanghai Film Shooting Base, Chedun Town, included activities such as cosplay show, music gala and science and technology games.

Aside from performances, sponsors also held a fair promoting and selling animation videos, novels, comics and video games. A street duplicating the old Shanghai style Nanjing Road was crowded with youngsters dressed in anime costumes.

Shanghai Film Shooting Base received a total of 24,100 visitors during the holiday, up 18.63 percent year on year. Ticket sales reached 1.9 million yuan, up 28.5 percent year on year.

The azalea exhibition at Fangta Park displayed more than 3,000 pots of azaleas. The park also held an art show performed by grassroots people.

A Chinese culture experience activity brought visitors nearer to Chinese arts through an appreciation of the guqin (a plucked string instrument), chess, calligraphy, ink painting, tea ceremony, Zen dancing and classic literature.

In Zuibai Pond Park more than 100 pots of azaleas were displayed at various halls. A local stand-up comedy performance was held in the park.

A total of 29,700 visitors went to Fangta Park during the holiday and the visitor numbers of Zuibai Pond Park reached 18,400.

Visitors also enjoyed a peony show, vegetable and fruit picking in Xinbang Town, and succulent plants DIY at Wushe Agricultural Sightseeing Garden. Other activities included a hotspring bath, strawberry picking and peasant cooking tasting.

Xinbang Travel Co received about 17,500 tourists, with ticket sales reaching 1.4 million yuan. Wushe Agricultural Sightseeing Park welcomed about 14,000 visitors with ticket sales amounting to 543,100 yuan. About 7,400 tourists visited Xuelanghu Resort and ticket sales totalled 703,000 yuan.

Thousands of tourists flock to scenic spots
Cai Bin / Ti Gong

Parents capture the moment when children ride on a pony at Shanghai Happy Valley in Songjiang District where children can also observe a variety of animals including rabbits, alpaca and pet pig that aren’t common to be seen in cities. The activity will go through May 21. 

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