Yang Liping's new work to be staged in Shanghai

Chinese choreographer Yang Liping's latest innovative work "Pingtan Impression" will make its Shanghai debut in September.
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Yang Liping's new work to be staged in Shanghai
Ti Gong

Chinese choreographer Yang Liping’s latest innovative work “Pingtan Impression” will make its Shanghai debut in September.

The ocean-themed multimedia show, produced and directed by Yang, highlights the unique tradition and cultural heritage of Pingtan in Fujian Province, the nearest place on the Chinese mainland to Taiwan Island.

The show weaves folk art and local elements of China’s southeastern coastal areas, including Pingtan dialect and its traditional puppet play, myths and legends related to sea, with traditional rituals of dragon and lion dances so as to recreate the glory of the old Maritime Silk Road.

“Instead of props, dancers use their bodies to represent stones and dragons, which is a better way to explore, understand and pass on the folk tradition,” said Yang. “Dancers perform around a giant 6-meter high ship, which will amaze audiences.”

A  modern stage setting and special costume designs will also feature.

“We designed a character who wears many masks, and each mask represents an emotion like sadness or happiness," Yang said. "The character is created to connect the different parts of the show and exactly reflects the shape of people's lives in today’s society."

The show will be staged between September 1 and 3 at the Shanghai International Dance Center.

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