Repairman sentenced for theft

The man allegedly said that he asked the client to wash the filter of the air-conditioner in the kitchen while he stole the cash in the bedroom.

An air-conditioner repairman has been sentenced to one year in prison for stealing 5,000 yuan (US$750) in cash from a client’s home, police said yesterday.

The man, surnamed Fang, worked for Shifendaojia, a website where home services can be booked. 

Fang was summoned to a client’s home in Yangpu District on April 12, and after he left, the client found that money was missing from his bedroom drawer. 

Fang allegedly confessed to stealing the money after asking the client to clean the air conditioner’s filter in the kitchen. 

Fang also served nine months in prison for theft in 2014, police said.

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