Hit and run motorcyclist caught after injuring police officer

The man was illegally riding a motorcycle on downtown elevated roads on Thursday when a law enforcer spotted him and tried to stop him.

A man surnamed Huang has been detained after knocking down a traffic police officer and fleeing while illegally riding a motorcycle on a downtown elevated road on Thursday, Shanghai police said on Friday.

Zhuo Fan, the police officer, saw Huang riding onto the North-South Elevated Road at Huaihai Road M. when patrolling on his motorcycle about 10:20am.

Zhuo signalled to Huang to stop, but Huang ignored him, sped up and fled. While fleeing, Huang hit a part of the roadside railing before fleeing again, police said.

Huang knocked Zhuo down when he attempted again to stop him.

A netizen shoots a video of the incident.

Zhuo has several bruises and wounds on his head but he was not critically injured, police said.

Huang was tracked down and apprehended at a house in Nanqiao Town, Fengxian District, at 11:45pm the same day.

Huang, 32 years old, is from Zhejiang Province and working as a package deliveryman in Shanghai.

Huangpu police

Huang is tracked down and caught by police later the same day.

Huang has owned up and said he illegally rode his motorcycle onto the elevated road to save time, police said.

For obstructing police work, he could face criminal charges and if convicted, up to three years in prison.

Shanghai bans motorcycles from its elevated roads.

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