Babysitter detained for suspected drug trafficking

A woman working as a babysitter in Shanghai has been detained by Wuhan police on suspicion of drug trafficking.

A woman working as a babysitter in Shanghai has been detained by Wuhan police on suspicion of drug trafficking, Chutian Metropolis Daily reported over the weekend.

The woman, surnamed Guan, has been on a national wanted list for several years for allegedly trafficking drugs from Myanmar to China, the Wuhan-based newspaper wrote.

Guan’s brother was arrested in Wuhan city, Hubei Province, in January 2009. When apprehended, he was found in possession of over 800 grams of narcotics.

In their investigation police discovered that Guan, then living in Myanmar, had delivered drugs to her brother, who sold them in Wuhan, according to the newspaper.

It is not clear what kind of drugs were involved.

Guan’s brother was later sentenced to death with a reprieve. Guan, being outside the country, was beyond the reach of Chinese law enforcement at that time of her brother’s arrest and sentencing.

In late June, Wuhan police reportedly received information that Guan has returned to China and was in Shanghai under a false name. They asked police in Shanghai to assist in their investigation.

Shanghai police learned that Guan was employed with a home help service, the newspaper reported.

Two police officers from Wuhan disguised as property management workers knocked on the door of the apartment in Xuhui District where Guan was working on the morning of July 12.

Guan reportedly became “panic-stricken” when officers identified themselves. The family that employed her was also shocked.

Guan allegedly confessed to sneaking back into China in 2015. At the time of her apprehension, she has been working as a babysitter and home cleaner, and making about 5,000 yuan (US$734) a month.

She is said to have used a friend’s bank card to receive her salary. Her employer had no knowledge of her past, according to the paper.

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