Man threatening girlfriend turns out to be wanted fugitive

The suspect is now under detention for allegedly breaking into cars and stealing at least two times.

A 24-year-old man who allegedly threatened his girlfriend turned out to be a fugitive, Shanghai police said on Monday.

The man’s girlfriend reported him to Luoshan Xincun police in Pudong on July 20, claiming that he threatened her through SMS messages after she decided to break up with him, police said.

The man, surnamed Zheng, looked nervous and stuttered when police asked his name, leading police to become suspicious.

Through the police network, officers soon discovered that Zheng was wanted for allegedly breaking into a car and committing theft in Putian City of Fujian Province, where he was based from May this year.

Zheng was taken into custody right away.

Pudong police

Zheng being subdued at the police station after police found out that he was a wanted fugitive.

From his personal belongings, police found a driver's license that didn't belong to him.

Zheng is now under detention, and investigation is still underway.

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