Suicidal nanny turns out to be repentant thief

A 36-year-old live-in nanny allegedly stole over 200,000 yuan (US$29,000) worth of luxury bags and accessories from her employer after gambling all her money away.

A 36-year-old nanny has been detained for allegedly stealing over 200,000 yuan (US$29,000) worth of luxury bags and accessories from her employer, Shanghai police said on Wednesday.

The theft was uncovered after the suspect, a woman surnamed Luo, was found to be attempting suicide by jumping into the Huangpu River on August 21, police from Huangpu District said.

Luo was stopped in time by passers-by and police, and when police asked her why she wanted to commit suicide, she confessed that she had stolen things from her employer and was afraid that the theft would be found out.

Her employer, a woman surnamed Wang, had no idea at that point that 14 expensive bags and two necklaces had been stolen from her wardrobe, police said.

Huangpu police

Some of the stolen objects

Huangpu police

Luo, the suspect

Luo, who started working for Wang as a live-in nanny in January, allegedly confessed that she gambled away all her money and stole from Wang to raise money starting from mid-July.

Luo said she lived in shame and fear after that and couldn’t face "kind-hearted" Wang, who had already lent her 50,000 yuan after she got into financial trouble.

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