Buddhist temple donation box thief caught red-handed

The suspect was spotted stealing on surveillance cameras by a temple guard and escaped when confronted, but was soon subdued by the guard and police.

A man who allegedly stole from a donation box inside Longhua Temple was caught red-handed, Shanghai police said on Tuesday.

The man, surnamed Huang, was spotted stealing at the famous Buddhist temple in Xuhui District one day in early September.

From surveillance cameras inside a hall of the temple, a temple guard surnamed Wang saw the suspect bend over the donation box and put his hand on it.

Xuhui police

Huang seen stealing on surveillance cameras inside the temple.

Wang rushed to the hall to confront the man, who soon fled. Wang called police and chased Huang until they reached the platform of Longhua Metro station of Line 11. Police soon arrived and helped apprehend the man.

Huang was carrying tools he used to steal from the donation box, including a radio antenna with double-sided tape on one end.

Xuhui police

The tools Huang used to steal from the donation box at Longhua Temple.

Xuhui police said Huang was previously caught stealing from donation boxes in Zhuangyan Temple in Qingpu District, the Jade Buddha Temple in Putuo District, and the Confucian Temple in Huangpu District.

Huang is now under detention for theft.

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