Companies fall foul of market regulators

Hu Min
Watchdogs in Putuo and Jing'an districts impose fines for violations that include substandard products and false claims.
Hu Min

Supermarket Metro has been fined more than 410,000 yuan (US$60,294) by Putuo District's market watchdog for selling substandard down feather quilts.

The down feather content of 390 quilts, worth more than 200,000 yuan, fell short of China's standard, authorities said. 

In Jing'an District, Hotwind was fined more than 35,000 yuan after men's shoes on sale at an outlet on Yuyuan Road failed tests for peeling strength and folding resistance. 

The substandard shoes were valued at 23,541 yuan, according to district regulators.

The shoes were confiscated and sales were halted. 

Also in Jing'an, Shanghai Jianqiao Hospital was fined more than 40,000 yuan for false claims. 

It said it was one of the hospitals with top level technologies and equipment in China in treating infertility, but Jing'an District authorities said it could not provide proof to support the claim. 

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