Huang Yiqing arrested for drug trafficking

Chen Huizhi
A storm around some local celebrities has paused for now.
Chen Huizhi
Huang Yiqing arrested for drug trafficking

Huang Yiqing

Huang Yiqing, founder of a Shanghai supercar club and ex-husband of local actress Huang Yi, has been arrested on charges of drug trafficking, Shanghai police said on Wednesday.

From the end of July, the affair surrounding the 34-year-old has drawn wide public attention.

Huang was given five days of administrative detention on July 28 for online attacks on local comedian and TV host Zhou Libo and his wife Hu Jie. He also accused Shanghai police of being an "umbrella" to certain people.

Police announced on July 28 that Huang had admitted his claims were fabricated. Huang, however, did not actually serve the detention because he fractured a bone in his foot that required an operation.

Then, from August 2, Huang started to attack Zhou and Hu again on his Weibo account .

Police said Huang has been in detention since August 3 and during their investigation they had found that Huang had also been taking and trafficking drugs.

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