Disney pays 50 yuan for food ban

Ke Jiayun
Shanghai Disney Resort agrees to compensate student after she had to throw away some instant food when she was told it wouldn't be allowed in the theme park. 
Ke Jiayun

Shanghai Disney Resort has agreed to pay 50 yuan (US$7) to a college student who took it to court after it wouldn't allow her to take food into the theme park.

The agreement followed mediation arranged by the Pudong New Area People's Court.

Wang Jieying had some instant food with her when she went to resort on January 30 this year. During a security check, she was told visitors couldn't take food into the park. She protested but eventually had to throw it away. 

On March 15, Wang asked the court to rule that the ban on visitors taking in food and drink was invalid. 

She also sought compensation for the food she was forced to give up. It had cost her 46.3 yuan.

At a hearing on April 23 the court organized mediation.

Shanghai Disney Resort has since changed its policy and now allows visitors to bring food and beverage into its theme park, with a few exceptions that include instant noodles which require hot water, food in containers that could be reheated and smelly food such durian and choudoufu or fermented bean curd.

On Thursday, both sides agreed that the Shanghai Disney Resort would pay Wang 50 yuan in compensation and Wang was given the money in court. 

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