Branded sunglasses fail quality tests

Hu Min
Shanghai's market watchdog tests 40 batches of sunglasses that are on sale in the city and find problems that could lead to vision fatigue and skin problems.  
Hu Min

Eight batches of sunglasses from luxury brands such as Christian Dior, Michael Kors, Ferragamo and Burberry were found to be substandard, Shanghai's market watchdog said on Wednesday.

Burberry sunglasses sold at Grand Gateway 66 in Xuhui District failed for visible light transmittance, the Shanghai Administration for Market Regulation said.

The real visible light transmittance of three batches of sunglasses failed to live up to their labels, the administration said.

Michael Kors sunglasses sold at the IFC Mall and a batch of H&M sunglasses had the same problem, it said. 

The H&M sunglasses also failed for corrosion resistance against sweat.

Sunglasses with such a flaw will fade and peel, leaking heavy metals such as nickel and lead, probably causing skin problems, the administration said.

A batch of Zara sunglasses were substandard for deviation of light transmittance, which will lead to vision fatigue and affect eyesight, it said. 

A batch of Christian Dior sunglasses and a batch of Ferragamo sunglasses failed for labeling that lacking types, categories or standards of the products, which will affect consumers' choice and proper use of sunglasses, the administration said.

A batch of Massimo Dutti sunglasses and a batch of Longchamp sunglasses sold in the city were found to have the same problem.

A total of 40 batches of sunglasses were tested. 

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