Strictest public health measures imposed

Hu Min
Shanghai has announced its highest level of prevention and control measures to contain the spread of infection with intensified checks and the closure of venues which draw crowds. 
Hu Min

Shanghai imposed its highest-level response mechanism for major public health emergencies on Friday, announcing the most strict prevention and control measures to contain the spread of infection linked to a new strain of coronavirus.

People from key infected areas will be isolated and undergo 14-day observation, the city government announced.

Health screenings are being conducted at all entrances to Shanghai, involving airports, railway stations, roads and ports.

The temperatures of passengers from key areas on flights, coaches, ships and cars to Shanghai are being tested and their information registered. Anyone with a fever will be temporarily isolated and transferred to designated hospitals.

Monitoring of people from key areas who are staying in Shanghai at the moment is being conducted.

Disinfection and health management have been ordered to be strengthened at commercial facilities and wet markets.

Public libraries, art galleries, museums, cultural venues, community-based cultural activity centers, and amusement facilities citywide are closed.

Shanghai Zoo, the Oriental Pearl TV Tower and Haichang Ocean Park have suspended operations, and Shanghai Disney Resort will close from Saturday.

Huangpu River cruise tours have been suspended, and performances during the Spring Festival holiday are canceled with refunds offered.

Sports venues and religious venues across the city are closed, and all large public activities have been suspended, the city government said.

Tour groups to Wuhan have been halted.

Other prevention and control measures will also be implemented, and promotion on health and hygiene knowledge strengthened to raise public awareness of the disease. 

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