Online consultations cut hospital visits

Cai Wenjun
People who don't need to visit hospital are being offered guidance online via the WeChat accounts of eight leading hospitals in the city during the current coronavirus crisis.
Cai Wenjun

Eight leading hospitals are offering online consultations on fever and chronic diseases to help disperse patients and reduce unnecessary visits to hospitals amid the current coronavirus outbreak, Shanghai Health Commission said on Wednesday.

People with symptoms such as a fever or cough can consult doctors who will answer their queries and give directions as well as dispelling unnecessary fear and anxiety.

The service is available on the WeChat accounts of Huashan Hospital, Shanghai General Hospital, Shanghai No. 6 People’s Hospital, Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center, Longhua Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, Shanghai Children’s Hospital and Shanghai Skin Disease Hospital.

With many people not needing to visit hospitals but get guidance online, people who should visit will be able to receive more specific directions to help them visit the appropriate departments.

The service can also help avoid in-hospital infections, the commission said.

If the system runs smoothly, the service will be promoted citywide with more functions available, the commission said.

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