Here's what to do now that parks are open

Yu Hong
A number of parks and venues have reopened to the public in Jiading. Check the information if you are planning to visit there.
Yu Hong
Here's what to do now that parks are open
Qin Jian / Ti Gong

Residents queue up outside Jiading Library. Markers have stuck on the ground to remind visitors of standing at least 1 meter away from each other. 

A number of parks and other attractions have reopened to the public in Jiading. The following information will help if you are planning to visit parks and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Jiabei Country Park

Jiabei Country Park resumed operations on March 20. Making an appointment through its WeChat account to get a digital ticket is necessary. Before entering the park, visitors have to show their health QR code indicating that their health is good. Wearing a mask while wandering around in the park is required by all visitors.

The park can be entered only through gates 1 and 3, which are on Huyi Highway and Jiasong Road N. respectively, and the parking lots there are open to the public.

The park will open from 9am to 5pm every day, but visitors aren’t allowed entry after 4pm. Apart from northern and western tourist centers remaining open, others including the Children’s Forest and recreational facilities remain closed.

As spring arrives, tourists can take a walk through forest and enjoy the beauty of the season. In order to avoid physical contact, tourists need to buy tickets, which cost 20 yuan (US$2.8), online. Note that all restaurants and stalls are still closed so it is necessary to bring your own food if you want to eat in the park.

Restrooms and recreational facilities are disinfected every day, so please use them without worries. When visitor numbers reach 4,000, the park will stop people entering.

Jiading Museum

Visitors are required to show their health QR code to enter the Jiading Museum. Residents need to queue up outside the venue to have their temperatures taken and information registered. Appointment is essential.

As some residents complained that they missed the Road of Bronze exhibition, showcasing bronzeware created in the Spring and Autumn Period (770-476 BC), because the venue closed, the museum decided to extend the exhibition to April 23. Security officers are in place to keep order in the venue.

Shanghai Auto Museum

The Shanghai Auto Museum reopened after the entire venue was disinfected. Visitors need to log on to its WeChat account to reserve a place. When entering the museum, visitors have to show their health QR code to staff and only a green code permits entry.

The museum is providing an online exhibition for those who aren’t able to get there. After subscribing to the Shanghai Auto Museum WeChat account, a VR exhibition hall, online streamlining and video are available.

Jiading Library

With Jiading Library now open again, residents can return their expired books through the book-return window, which had been set up to avoid physical contact. The books will be disinfected before going back on the shelves. Only the literature section, on the first and second floors, is in service.

Residents are required to make an appointment through the library’s WeChat account at least one day before heading there.

Metro Line 11

The stations between Shanghai International Circuit and Huaqiao on Metro Line 11, connecting Jiading with the town in Jiangsu Province, has been reopened to benefit those who commute between these two places.

Passengers need to show their health QR code to prove their health status. It is also recommended to purchase tickets by using digital payment tools such as WeChat wallet and the Metro Daduhui app instead of buying tickets at the station to avoid unnecessary contact.

Guyi Garden Restaurant

The Guyi Garden Restaurant, which is popular with Jiading residents, is back at work. Apart from eating in the restaurant, tables and chairs have been placed outside the restaurant to avoid people being too close together.

Qiuxiapu Garden, Tanyuan Garden and Huilongtan Park are open to the public, offering free tickets to medical workers to the end of the year. 

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