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After 800 years, there is still something for everyone in Jiading

Jiading District is well known for great places to eat, sports venues and other fun. This season there are plenty of cool things to do.

Expert hard at work to preserve cultural heritage

History expert Tao Jiming is retired but finds himself busier than ever as he carries out research into Jading's cultural heritage.

Veteran chef cooks up a feast of lotus delicacies

Li Jiangang, executive head of the Guyi Garden Restaurant, cooks up a feast of lotus delicacies – especially xiaolongbao – for people thronging the green area for the flower show.


Japanese visitor busy growing friendly relationships

The elderly checking on the plants at Jiading Wisteria Park is no ordinary visitor. Fujimoto Michio has devoted himself to promoting friendly relations between Japan and China. 

The art of Jiading bamboo carvers

Some 120 bamboo carving artworks are on display in Jiading. Jiading bamboo carving integrated multiple artistic forms, giving new life to bamboo. 

Spring brings out the district's colors

As the weather becomes warmer, it is a golden time to visit colorful Jiading. Take your family and friends to appreciate the wonderful spring time!

Zhang gets his students crosstalking

Zhang Wenze, a well-known crosstalker, launched a crosstalk class in two primary schools in Jiading, aiming to cultivate more crosstalkers from a young age. 

Iceman at the cutting edge of his art

Li Xiaojun, a professional ice sculptor, recently opened his own studio to devote himself to cultivating more professional ice sculptors and promoting the art to the public.

Yan's fine line between art and preserving tradition

Yan Yongfang's paintings feature memories from his childhood which he hopes will educate the youth in the district's traditions.

Disabled students shine under Li Fang's guidance

Four years ago, Li Fang joined the Xuhang Sunshine Home with no regrets about giving up a stable career to face the challenge of making a difference in her students' lives.