Got questions about Labor Day travel? Check here for answers

Hu Min
The holiday is just around the corner and many people are wondering what's going to be open and how to stay healthy while having fun. Here are answers to some common questions.
Hu Min

The following Q&A is based on information available from official sources in Shanghai, including the Shanghai Culture and Tourism Administration, the Shanghai Greenery and Public Sanitation Bureau, the Shanghai Commission of Commerce and the Shanghai Health Commission.

Q: When can people take off their masks when going outside during the Labor Day holiday?

A: There are still potential risks of infection as the coronavirus pandemic has not ended. People should wear masks in crowded places and indoor public venues.

Wearing masks is not a must in empty outdoor places or places with few people where the pandemic is not serious.

It is suggested to place removed mask inside prepared clean freezer bags and prepare another clean mask as a precaution.

Q: Are there any matters needing attention when visiting friends?

A: Unnecessary outings should be avoided, and protective measures are advised during visits.

People should keep social distance and follow hygienic etiquette habits such as using one set of chopsticks and spoons to take food from communal dishes and another set to eat with. Avoid visits when you feel sick.

Q: Is it necessary to prepare food in advance during travel?

A: It is suggested to prepare food in case dining places are crowded. Package food carefully to prevent contamination. People are also advised to take meals to hotel rooms or places with few people. 

Avoid eating with strangers at close distance.

Q: How should used masks, disposable gloves, disinfectant wipes and pads be handled?

A: It is suggested to change masks more frequently during travel. Used masks are dry trash and the safest and most hygienic way is to seal them inside plastic bags and dispose them into bins for dry garbage.

Disposable gloves, disinfectant wipes and pads are also dry garbage and can be disposed of into bins for dry waste directly.

Q: Are there any people who'd better not go traveling?

A: It is relatively safe to travel in places where no cases have been reported recently. Keep cautious in places where new imported cases or local cases of novel coronavirus are still being reported daily.

Seniors, chronic disease patients and pregnant women who are vulnerable to the virus are not advised to travel during the Labor Day holiday.

Q: Is it dangerous to take domestic flights?

A: Shanghai has imposed 14-day quarantine on passengers who arrive from overseas. Passengers of international flights will be transferred to quarantine spots via exclusive channels directly after they get off planes. 

Passengers of domestic flights will not be in contact with arriving passengers of international flights and facilities involved.

Q: Are temperature checks compulsory at railway stations and airports? Is it necessary to arrive earlier than usual?

A: Temperature checks are required, and infrared radiation thermometers are being used at Shanghai railway stations and airports to ensure quick passage.

Although there has been an increase of traffic at railway stations and airports in Shanghai, the number of passengers is still low compared with the same period last year.

It is not necessary to arrive earlier.

Q: Are security checks slower at Shanghai airports?

A: No. There has been a decrease in passenger numbers, therefore it takes less time for security checks at the city's two airports. Remove masks during security checks and keep distance while queuing.

Q: Can we drink water on flights?

A: Yes, but eating and drinking water is not suggested onboard. Stagger eating or drinking times with passengers nearby if you are hungry or thirsty.

Q: Can children travel during the Labor Day holiday? What are the recommended places for them?

A: Places which are not crowded such as open parks, green areas and squares are recommended. It is advised not to take children outside Shanghai in preparation for the reopening of schools.

Driving tours to neighboring cities are suggested if families insist on leaving Shanghai.

Q: Are parks in Shanghai open?

A: All city parks and countryside parks in Shanghai have reopened. The number of visitors is being kept below 30 percent of their maximum capacity, and reservation is compulsory for all A-level tourist attractions in Shanghai.

Before taking trips, travelers should make reservations and be aware of the entry information via the WeChat accounts of the parks.

Health QR codes are mandatory, and people should also bring their ID cards and have their temperatures checked for admission.

Got questions about Labor Day travel? Check here for answers
Wang Rongjiang / SHINE

Visitors admire scholar's stones on display at Shanghai Museum.

Q: Have museums and art galleries reopened?

A: A large number of museums and art galleries in Shanghai such as the Shanghai Museum, China Art Museum, Shanghai History Museum and Shanghai Science and Technology Museum have reopened.

People should inform themselves of the opening times and entry requirements of these sites via their official websites or WeChat accounts before visiting.

Q: Are swimming pools open during the Labor Day holiday?

A: At present, the Yulanqiao indoor swimming pool at the Shanghai Oriental Sports Center, the Yuanshen Swimming Pool, Pudong Swimming Pool and Pudong Sanlin Swimming Pool have reopened. Most venues have imposed reservation systems with limited opening hours. Some swimming pools at fitness clubs only receive their members.

It is suggested to check opening information via WeChat accounts of the swimming pools before visits and make reservations. Prepare health QR codes for entry.

Q: How about the reopening of gyms?

A: Some gymnasiums in the city have resumed operation, though they have adjusted operating hours amid the pandemic.

People should present their health QR codes, have temperatures measured and make registration when visiting gyms. There are limits on the number of receptions.

Reservations are needed for group courses which cap the number of students.

Q: What preparations should tourists make during the Labor Day holiday?

A: All A-level tourist attractions in Shanghai will impose reservation-for-entry systems during the holiday and those who have not done it in advance will not be allowed admission.

Tourists should consult reservation, opening, registration and visitor number limit information of their destinations before visits, bring certificates and prepare health QR codes when visiting tourist sites.

They should also keep their distance while dining and use one set of chopsticks and spoons to take food from communal dishes and another set to eat with.

Q: Are there any requirements in terms of accommodation in Shanghai?

A: A total of 5,174 hotels in Shanghai, out of 6,501 in total, have reopened as of Tuesday.

Visitors need to have their temperature checked, present health QR code and make registration for accommodation.

Q: Have opening hours at shopping malls returned to normal?

A: Most shopping malls in Shanghai have resumed normal operation hours from 10am to 10pm. Visitors are required to wear masks.

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